T IS, AS the saying goes, a dark time for the Rebellion—and for everyone else involved in the Star Wars franchise, as things are astonishingly quiet out there right now. Could it be that the silence persists because everyone is working on projects in the lull between Star Wars Celebration and D23? Perhaps the looming shadow of Comic-Con International in San Diego is soaking up the conversation in the nerd sphere. Or maybe, there’s just … nothing to actually talk about right now when it comes to Star Wars. Well, nothing aside from the news below, of course.

The Rise of Skywalker Reshoots Are On

Source: Multiple online outlets

Probability of accuracy: It would certainly appear to be true, and definitely checks out in terms of timeline before the movie gets released.

The real deal: Apparently, additional shoots are underway for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, with a couple of sources reporting that Black Park in the UK has been closed off for either reshoots or pickups, with an X-wing fighter being part of the additional shots. Apparently, there’s a notice that the shoot might continue through early September, which feels unexpectedly late considering the movie is scheduled to hit theaters in December. If true, expect some very late nights for editors and the visual effects team. But don’t worry about the movie having reshoots this late in the game; these days, such things are common, so this is unlikely to be some kind of Rogue Onesituation where the entire movie gets significantly changed after the first pass at production.

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