I designed and built the external elements for this playhouse with a team from Orchard Supply Hardware. This is our entry in a fun competition with other local businesses raising money for Habitat for Humanity. It is held annually at San Jose California’s “Christmas in the Park”. Last year we created a minature OSH store Playhouse with oversized Candy decorations shown in another Instructable.

This year we chose a Star Wars theme and picked the unique Tie Fighter because it was best suited to become a cool and fun playhouse for kids. It is built on a standard wood Playhouse kit that CITP provides with few restrictions on how it can be modified or decorated. You can build or purchase a standard Playhouse kit so I’m just describing how it was transformed into a “Tie Fighter”. I chose most of the materials from our stores. The entry side of the Playhouse features the sweetness of “Join us in the Dark Chocolate Side” and “We have Cookies” theme which is why it is painted a chocolate color with drips. The two primary Tie Fighter features are the Octagonal (8 sides) Port Window or Pilot Canopy and the Hexagonal (5 sides) Wings. There is also an Octagonal light fixture with an LED rotating “Party Light” and a white large metal ring to represent the round shape of the original Tie Fighter.

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