THIS SCOTTISH FAN WEARS HIS LOVE OF THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK ON HIS SLEEVE. is shining a light on those who truly give the saga its power: the fans. In the Fan Spotlight, we’re honored to tell their stories.

Dale Andrew had been saving up for Star Wars Celebration Chicago, but when he didn’t get a ticket, he instead spent the money on his first Star Wars tattoo.

Inked at a specialty tattoo parlor, Empire Ink, run by like-minded fans near his home in Edinburgh, Scotland, Andrew commemorated his love for Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back with a piece of shoulder art in homage to the Battle of Hoth, complete with an AT-AT looming over a snowspeeder and an Imperial snow trooper ready to storm Echo Base.

Then something changed. The Monday of Celebration week, a chance to join some friends for the gathering had him booking a last-minute flight. By Wednesday he was in Chicago, Illinois, staying with a friend and with a five-day pass that had his name on it. “I just wanted to be here,” he tells when we find him roaming the exhibition hall floor. “Because I didn’t think I was coming here, I used the money I’d saved for here to get the tattoo,” he adds with a laugh.

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