Via StarWars.com:

It’s always a good idea to test your gear before running a race, and that’s especially true when your outfit plans include Sy Snootles’ long snout and a fanny pack blasting “Lapti Nek.” Just ask Victoria Fox, who has spent the last four years creating her own costumes for runDisney’s Star Wars races, including masterful creature and alien effects as Jabba’s crooner, a noble thala-siren, and both Jedi Master and student, Yoda and Luke Skywalker.

Dressing up is optional, and plenty of racers opt for regular Earth-bound fitness attire or simple takes on Star Wars characters, like patterned leggings and shirts made to look like stormtrooper armor. But it’s delightful to see what crafty and creative runners come up with to make each year even more memorable.

Fox, 24, who ran cross-country in high school, says it’s the pure joy at the runDisney Star Wars races that keeps her coming back year after year. “I typically do it with at least my mom, and sometimes more family,” Fox says. “It’s fun to do an event that brings everyone together.” And through the event, Fox, who lives nearby in Orlando, Florida, and works as a scenic fabrications and special effects makeup artist, can combine her passions for Star Wars, physical fitness, and creating costumes and characters from a galaxy far, far away into one epic day.

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