Baby Yoda Multi-Signed Project!


Star Wars Autograph Universe is proud to offer a pre-order for our Baby Yoda signing project! This project includes an officially licensed photo and autographs from David Acord, Tony McVey, Doug Chiang and Christian Alzmann, the ILM team behind Baby Yoda!

Tony McVey is a legendary sculptor whose precious works in Star Wars include Salacious Crumb and the Rancor. He was brought on for the Mandalorian project by Lucasfilm specifically to work on Baby Yoda.

Doug Chiang is a Star Wars concept artist and a modern day Ralph McQuarrie. He has been involved in the Star Wars concept artwork since The Phantom Menace.

David Acord is the sound master for modern Star Wars, and has worked for the Lucasfilm sound studio since Attack of the Clones. He created the “voice” of baby Yoda by manipulating kinkajou, fox, and human baby sounds.

Christian Alzmann is the concept artist who also helped design the iconic Star Wars character BB-8.

Each order includes an officially licensed photograph and all four autographs, making this the perfect one stop shop for anyone who loves Baby Yoda. Head over to our store page to pre-order your project piece today!