Battle Packs, Yoda LEGO Alarm Clock and BB-8 Cutting Board

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K & C Collectibles is offering all customers $10 Gift Certificate for every $50 merchandise order (excludes tax and shipping) between August 14th, 2016 and August 19th, 2016.  Gift Certificate must be redeemed between September 1st and September 10th, 2016.  We have added Battle Packs, Multi-Packs, Yoda LEGO Alarm Clock, BB-8 Cutting Board and Jigsaw Puzzles.    Click the NEW PRODUCT link for a complete list of recently added items.

Yoda – LEGO Alarm Clock
BB-8 – Cutting Board – Glass Chopping Board 12″ x 10.5″

Black Series 6 Inch Action Figures
R2-A3, R5-K6 and R2-F2 (3-pack)

Multi-Packs – Trilogy Collection (5-Pack)
Endor ambush

Battle Packs – Saga Collection
Jedi vs Darth Sidious
Mace Windu – Attack Battalion
Battle above the Sarlacc
Sith Lord Attack
Skirmish in the Senate

Battle Packs – 30th Anniversary
STAP Attack
The Hunt for Grievous
AT-RT Assault Squad
Battle of Geonosis
Jedi Training on Dagobah
Betrayal on Felucia
Ambush on Ilum

Multi-Packs – Saga (4-Packs)
Skirmish at Carkoon
The Battle of Hoth
Ultimate Bounty Hunters
Imperial Forces

Multi-Packs – Attack of the Clones (4-Pack)
Jedi Warriors

Star Wars Jigsaw Puzzles
Obi-Wan Kenobi – #1 of 4 – 100 Pieces
Boba Fett – #2 of 4 – 100 Pieces
Anakin Skywalker – #3 of 4 – 100 Pieces
Padme & Leia – #4 of 4 – 100 Pieces
Anakin Skywalker – #1 of 4 – 150 Pieces
Mace Windu – #2 of 4 – 150 Pieces
Obi-Wan Kenobi – #3 of 4 – 150 Pieces
Count Dooku – #4 of 4 – 150 Pieces

Comic and Magazines
Star Wars Insider Comic Cover Edition #167
Star Wars Insider Newsstand Edition #167
Best of Star Wars Insider Volume 2


Unleashed 7″ Figures, Hot Wheels, Sage Legends, Battle Packs and more


K & C Collectibles has added the Star Wars Unleashed 7″ figures, New Star Wars Hot Wheel 2-packs, Battle Packs, Saga Legends action figures and Micro Machines.  Click the NEW PRODUCT link for a complete list of recently added items. Become a fan on Facebook/kandccollectibles.

Star Wars  Hot Wheels
2-Pack R2-D2 & C-3PO
2-Pack Han Solo and Chewbacca

Saga Legends
Snowtrooper – SL12
Obi-Wan Kenobi (The Clone Wars) – SL11
Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight) – SL10
Rebels: Darth Vader – SL09
Clone Trooper – SL08
Jango Fett – SL06
Kanan Jarrus – SL04
Rebels: Stormtrooper – SL01

Battle Packs
Clone Attack on Coruscant
Assault on Hoth
Rebels vs Empire
Jedi vs Separatists
Jedi vs Sith

Obi-Wan Kenobi – 2004 Package
Darth Sidious – Episode II
Aayla Secura
Clone Trooper – Red Commander
Clone Trooper
Obi-Wan Kenobi – 2003 Package
Mace Windu
Darth Tyranus
Padme Amidala
Anakin Skywalker
Jango & Boba Fett
General Grievous – Target Exclusive
Anakin Skywalker Episode III
Obi-Wan Kenobi Episode III
General Grievous
Shock Trooper
Chewbacca – Episode III
Yoda vs. Sidious
Boba Fett – Target Exclusive
Darth Vader – 2006 Package – Wal-Mart Exclusive
Luke Skywalker – 2006 package – Wal-Mart Exclusive
Darth Vader Revenge of the Sith – Best Buy Exclusive
ARC Heavy Gunner – Star Wars Shop Exclusive
Shadow Stormtrooper – Wal-Mart Exclusive
Darth Vader – 2005 Package – Variation
Luke Skywalker – 2004 package – Variation
Asajj Ventress
Aurra Sing
Darth Vader – 2004 Package – Variation
Tusken Raider
Princess Leia – 2004 Package – Variation
Luke Skywalker – X-Wing –
Boba Fett
Han Solo
Luke Skywalker – 2003 version
Darth Vader – Unmasked
Princess Leia
Darth Vader
Darth Maul

Black Series 6″
TIE Pilot #05
Yoda #06
Clone Trooper Sergeant #07

Black Series
#01 – R5-G19
#02 – Luke Skywalker (Hoth Gear)
#03 – Darth Vader
#04 – Darth Malgus
#05 – Starkiller (Galen Marek)
#06 – Yoda

May the Force be with You,
K & C Collectibles