Couple Surprised When Their Star Wars Wedding Photo Goes Viral


SAN DIEGO – A wedding photo shot over two years ago in San Diego has suddenly gone viral — more proof that the Internet is a crazy place where anything can pop up out of relative obscurity and cause a buzz.

When Carrie and Cory Shields got married on Oct. 7, 2012 — at the Admiral Kidd Club at Naval Base Point Loma — it was a Star Wars-themed affair complete with lightsabers, Star Wars music and a robotic R2-D2 that delighted everyone.

“We surprised everyone when R2-D2 came rolling down the aisle with the rings in his mechanical hand,” said Carrie. “Watching everyone’s reaction was priceless!”

“Friends and family to this day tell us it was the best wedding they had ever been to,” Carrie added. “Even the cake cutter was welded to look like the hilt of a lightsaber!”

The wedding was a smash hit and with over 1.2 million views and counting on, a photo sharing website that Cory recently posted it on (along with the caption “My Wife was super keen on getting this shot. I scored alright”), it seems a lot of others are just as enamored.

Carrie and Cory, who now live in Australia, couldn’t be more surprised that their photo went viral — and so quickly.

“There we were, sitting in our apartment in Sydney and Cory was hunched over his computer just in awe of how quickly the viewings went up,” Carrie said. “I think when I went to bed there were 125,000 views and when I woke up, there were almost a million.”

The photo is also gaining attention on Reddit, another popular website, and in Japan.

Some folks are even creating their own variations of the photo, much to the amusement of the photographer, Mark Hillis of Unveiled Wedding Photography in La Mesa. For Hillis, the sudden interest in this one particular photo has been a bit of a shocker.