BBTS News: Marvel Legends, Scorponok, Goku, Pac-Man, Witcher, Zootopia, ThunderCats, Anime, Wrestling & More!


She-Hulk’s comic versions is now a part of the Marvel Legends series. Earthrise Scorponok is back up for anyone that missed it the first time. From S.H.Figuarts comes Super Saiyan Full Power Goku, from the legendary Dragon Ball Z. Pac-Man is back in three new forms with the S.H.Figuarts, Chogokin and Proplica series. Geralt and Eredin from The Witcher 3 are now a part of McFarlanes action figure line. Akira fans can rejoice that Kaneda’s bike is back in 1/6 scale. This renewed edition comes 11 years after the first release: an incredibly accurate, heavy weight, and highly detailed portrayal of this iconic high-tech motorcycle. From the hit card game and anime series comes one of the most powerful monsters of all: the Blue-Eyes White Dragon! First 4 Figures has created two variants of this monster. Super7 continues their wrestling figure line with The Good Brothers, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows.


The sorcerer and demon-priest, Mumm-Ra, is once again joining the ThunderCats Ultimates from Super7, but this time as a ghastly glow-in-the-dark BBTS exclusive figure! Michael Myers is now in 1/6 scale and ready to frighten with both a regular and bloody version. Leader Optimus Prime with an Ion Blsater and the Matrix of Leadership is here from the War for Cybertron: Kingdom series. What started as a comic magazine in 1969 quickly became a phenomenon, and now Vampirella gets a 1/12 scale action figure from TBLeague. Be sure to grab the Dark Multiverse DC Multiverse before they’re gone. Trick or Treat Studios is excited to present the Hellraiser Inferno Lament Box Prop! This box measures 3 x 3 x 3 inches and is made of solid wood with nickel etching. From Nanmu Studio, the Jurassic Series Alpha Tyrannosaurus Rex is a must have for any dinosaur enthusiast! This transparent T-Rex measures an impressive 16 inches long and features an articulated jaw with a clear exquisite finish.