Marvel’s “Remastered” Original Star Wars Comic Adaptation


Marvel have taken the reins on Star Wars comics this year, but it wasn’t the first time they’ve handled a galaxy far, far away; they also released the first comic adaptation of the movie back in 1977. Now the company is honoring their Star Wars past with an updated, recolored release of the original series.

The first six issues of the original Marvel Star Wars series will be gathered into one collection as a new graphic novel to be released next month. Although it’s not the first time the classic comics have been made available again (Dark Horse released omnibus volumes of the entire Marvel series while they had the Star Wars license), this new release features updated colors from Chris Sotomayor over the artwork originally drawn by Howard Chaykin, replacing the classic (and admittedly somewhat gaudier) color palette of the original comic. It has a much more modern look — see for yourself!

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