New Retro, Black Series 6 inch, 40th Anniversary, POP and LEGO’s

K & C Collectibles
K & C Collectibles has received New Black Series 6″ Figure, Retro Collection Figures, 40th Anniversary 6″ Figures, Star Wars Insider #196, POP Funko and LEGO’s  Click the NEW PRODUCTS link under the Categories Section for a complete list of recently added items.

Black Series 6″ Action Figures
#107 – Count Dooku
#106 – Sith Jet Trooper
#105 – Knight of Ren
#104 – Commander Bly – Sold Out
#103 – Zorii Bliss
Jedi Knight Revan (Gaming Greats)
Clone Commander Obi-Wan Kenobi
Luke Skywalker (Skywalker Strikes) – Black Series 6 inch

Retro Action Figure
Retro Collection Episode V: Empire Strike Back (Set of 6)
Boba Fett
Lando Calrissian
Leia (Hoth)
Han Solo (Hoth)
Luke Skywalker (Bespin)

40th Anniversary Black Series 6″ Action Figures
AT-AT Driver
Han Solo (Bespin)
Princess Leia Organa (Hoth)
Luke Skywalker Bespin

Vintage Action Figure
Brock Starsher – VC154
Vizam – VC153
Vedain (Skiff Pilot) – VC152

Star Wars Insider
Star Wars Insider Issue 195 Comic Store Exclusive Cover Edition

Pop Figures
R2D2 Exclusive Futura Skin Multicolour

LEGO Star Wars Mandalorian Battle Pack (75267)
LEGO Star Wars AT-AP Walker (75234)
LEGO Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter Trench Run (75235)

HyperReal 8″ Action Figures
Darth Vader

Topps Journey to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Hobby Box