Leia Organa will always and forever be associated with the late, great Carrie Fisher, but other actresses have tackled the role for various Star Wars animated series. Voice actress Rachel Butera landed the role for Disney Channel’s Star Wars Resistance, and she first voiced the princess-turned-general in that show’s series premiere. Given the timeline of Star Wars Resistance, the odds were always good that Leia would be back. That apparently didn’t mean Butera would be back. Star Wars Resistance evidently recast the role.

The recasting wasn’t announced ahead of Star Wars Resistance’s winter finale, and it seems the switcheroo was done quietly. In the closing credits of the winter finale, General Leia Organa was listed as being voiced by Carolyn Hennesy, not Rachel Butera. Hennesy also voiced Leia for episodes of LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars. In hindsight, it is possible to tell that the voices are slightly different, but fans might never have realized there had been a recasting if not for the closing credits.

Although no official explanation has been given for why Leia had to be recast, it’s possible that Rachel Butara’s controversial post on social media (that has since been deleted) back in September led to her dismissal from the Star Wars project. We may never know for sure unless Lucasfilm or Disney makes an announcement, but the fact remains that Butera is no longer the woman behind Leia on the small screen.

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