“Sarlacc Pit” Podcast Wants YOU!

Hey guys, for our next podcast episode we are going to do “Sound Effects Trivia”. It will be set up like our other Trivia shows, but will only be on Star Wars “Sound Effects”.

If you would like to come on our show and join us for this “Trivia” challenge please contact us here on this page through Private Message here or by email at podcast@galacticbinder.com and we will see what we can set up.

Photo: Episode 70: Master Yoda of the Sarlacc Pit is up and ready for downloading or listen from the page link below.</p>
<p>Join Matt and Chris for another great episode of the Sarlacc Pit. In this episode we talk about the Episode VII release date, new never before seen Return of the Jedi footage, the Star Wars music festival and more. Join in on our main topic as we discuss our favorite Yoda moments from the saga.</p>