Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Crash Of Fate — No Spoiler Review

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Crash Of Fate is the latest Star Wars Canon novel released to build anticipation and buzz about Disney’s new Black Spire Outpost themed land, Galaxy’s Edge. For the last couple years, Batuu and Black Spire Outpost have been featured in multiple Star Wars stories. I was very excited to read a story set after The Last Jedi and centered on the new location.

The novel is basically a love story about two kids that grew up together on Batuu, were separated, and then several years later were reunited by chance. After conjuring up old flames, and building new ones through a dangerous adventure together in the outpost, they came to realize they were meant for each other. 

Izzy was taken away from her best friend, Jules, when her parents abruptly and without warning abandoned the outpost. After her parents died, she fell into a life of smuggling. And after falling out with her old crew, she got a job delivering a package to Black Spire Outpost. She ran into Jules and started to rekindle their lost relationship when her old crew appeared and started causing trouble. Izzy and Jules worked together to thwart their plot, protect the outpost, and in the course of things fell in love.

Ultimately, this novel was nothing to write home about. I mean, I guess it was better than Canto Bight… so at least there’s that. There were a few random mentions of a First Order and Resistance presence on the outpost, and the epilogue briefly mentioned a confrontation between the two. Perhaps this is an allusion to a scene we might expect to see in The Rise Of Skywalker. But other than that, there was really no connection to the rest of the Star Wars Saga at all. 

If you like cheesy romance novels, and like Star Wars, then this may be a good match for you. But for the average Star Wars fan, I would consider this book superfluous. If you have nothing better to do, give it a read. But don’t feel the need to go out of your way.

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