If you haven’t yet seen them or picked them up, check out the new Star Wars Yo-Yos from Yomega Corp!

They put the power of the Force in the hands of kids and yo-yo fans with a new collection of yo-yos based on the legendary Star Wars saga. For the first time, Star Wars characters will be featured in a line of high performance yo-yos that will have yo-yoers and Star Wars fans scanning the galaxy to collect them all.

In the line are the Star Wars Yomega® Yo Men High Performance Yo-Yos and Action Stands. Yomega Yo Men come with a Star Wars Yomega Fireball yo-yo cradled in a highly detailed Yo Men Action Stand sculpted in the character’s likeness. The Star Wars Yomega® String Bling FireballTM Assortment, The yo-yo’s design will feature character imagery and will include String BlingTM, a collectible ring molded in a Star Wars character’s likeness. The yo-yo string attaches to the String Bling ring for added comfort while performing classic as well as advanced looping yo-yo tricks. Wave 1 of the Star Wars Yomega Fireball will include Darth Vader, Clone Trooper, Yoda and Boba Fett.

In the Yomega® Elite Metals GlideTM: Star Wars Special Edition, Yomega brings its heralded new competition-level Glide yo-yo to a new level with a sleek, sophisticated Star Wars Special Edition. This showcase piece features laser etching and is for the most discerning Star Wars and yo-yo collector and for the yo-yo player looking to make a statement. Check them all out at www.yomega.com.

Yo Men Darth Vader Yo Men Group Yo Men Package