Tom Cruise? In Star Wars? Could be…


Tom Cruise has been in talks for a role in Star Wars Episode 7, according to reports.

The actor is reportedly in line to make a cameo appearance in JJ Abrams’ blockbuster. Abrams is said to be keen to get the star involved as he ‘loves working with Tom whenever he gets the chance’, say The Sun. Plus, with star Harrison Ford out of action with a broken leg, there’s time for film bosses to create a part for the Edge Of Tomorrow star. The director produced Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol and is producing Mission: Impossible 5, which is out in the same week as Star Wars 7 in December next year. If Tom agrees to the bit-part, he stands to make megabucks at the box office in 2015.

A film insider told The Sun: ‘Tom has been in London for over a week and met up with JJ and some other people from Star Wars over the weekend.

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