Topps Star Wars Chrome Perspectives: Jedi vs. Sith is out today!

Star Wars Chrome Perspectives: Jedi Vs. Sith explores the viewpoints of the Jedi and the Sith, on beautiful chrome technology, as they battle for control of the Galaxy. The set features 100 base cards profiling characters from across the Star Wars Universe – 50 Jedi Temple Archive cards and 50 Sith Domination Guide cards. This roster set features a range of Sith and Jedi from across the Star Wars saga as well as the most popular Star Wars characters.

There are 5 levels of parallels to add chase:

Standard Refractor (1per pack)
Prism Refractor (numbered to 199)
X-Fractor  (numbered to 99)
Gold Refractor (numbered to 50)
Superfractor (numbered to 1)

There are 5 insert sets:

(10) Sith Fugitives (1:2)
(10) Jedi Hunt (1:4)
(10) Sith Propaganda (1:8)
(10) Jedi Information Guide (1:12)
(10) Jedi Training (1:24)

Chrome Perspectives: Jedi vs. Sith contains fantastic hits!

36 Chrome Medallion cards commemorating 12 of the greatest Jedi vs. Sith battles across 12 unique medallions in Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Chrome-framed Sketch Cards from Topps Star Wars artists (including our own admin Mark who has 50 sketch cards in this series)

Chrome On-Card Autographs – 22 subjects with 6 first time signers! Big-name signers include Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, David Prowse and Ray Park. New signers include Sam Witwer, Barbara Goodson, Jennifer Hale, Olivia D’Abo, Nick Gillard and Taylor Gray!

Autographs include Prism, X-Fractor, Gold, and Superfractor Parallels. There are 3 Ultra Rare Dual Autograph Cards to chase (3 each) plus 6 Never-Before-Paired Rare Dual Autographs (~200 each) featuring Jedi and Sith pairings. There are also 2 Ultra Rare Triple Autographs (5 each) both of which feature The Emperor himself, Ian McDiarmid. Also included are Printing Plates for base and insert cards and Autographed Printing Plates for all signers.

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