YN 13 YEAR Giveaway #2 – The 13 Year Hunt

This idea was sent in by a reader back in 2010 and we did it again last year for our 12 year anniversary, and it’s always fun and has a great response! It won’t be for everyone, but it will be fun for those who choose to take part.

The first thing you need to do is print out the main 13 year logo below, you will need to include this in ALL photos to verify they are your photos and taken for this giveaway. On most computers you can simply right click and print it, you can also click here for the URL to just the image for those printing from a mobile phone or device.

Okay, now look at the list of 13 obscure items below. Find each of the items you need, gather what is needed or go to a location, place the logo you printed out in front of them and take a picture. Once you have all 13 done, email the images to us at YodasnewsAnniversary@gmail.com with the subject “13 Year Hunt” – We WILL be sharing some of the pictures online and on social media, so make sure what is in your photos is okay for the public to see.


1)   A receipt, food order, sign, address, subway train number, flight, etc…showing 1138

2)  A Star Wars branded grocery item

3)  Picture of you playing in a park or playground with Star Wars toys

4)  Picture of a store Star Wars display

5)  You in the gym (or home made gym) working out with a star wars costume on, with a lightsaber, etc.. 

6)  Create your own Happy Anniversary message (can be a sign, a drawing, a sculpture, anything you want)

7)  Store receipt with an “embarrassing” item on it

8)  Picture of how you browse Yodasnews.com 

9)  A Pet or pet of a friend

10) Sign or Product with something spelled incorrectly

11) In a store/mall/shopping center

12) In front of a Rogue One Movie Poster

13) Yoda Toy/Figure/Plush

There will be TWO Winners (and it is possible for the same person to win both).

The Early Bird Prize – The first person that sends in all 13 photos that are in the proper format wins a $40 Gift Card to BBTS, they are still eligible for the grand prize. We will be sharing all 13 images from the Early Bird winner, this will help others to see how it’s done! You can also click here  to see the 2016 Early Bird winners images!

Grand Prize (25 total items) – 10 Random 3 3/4″ Hasbro Action Figures from multiple lines, 2 Marvel 2015 Star Wars #1 Hasbro Toyfair Previews Exclusive Cover, 1 Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Sergeant Jyn Erso 6 Inch Figure,  10 Topps Yoda Connexions 1st Edition chips, 1 Acme Archives Star Wars Clone Wars Asajj Ventress Character Key,  and 1 Star Wars Science Item from Uncle Milton.

We will pick one random person from all the people who find all items or locations and send in 13 correct photos (early bird winner is eligible and part of the random pool the grand prize will be selected from). You must send in all your pictures before 11:59pm EST on 2/7/16.The random winner will get all 25 items listed above under Grand Prize.

Recap, you need to send 13 unique pictures and each one must include the logo above and be an actual picture – no google images or Photoshop is allowed. Have Fun and always be SAFE when taking your images!  As with all our giveaways, please click here to read the Terms and Conditions of entering our giveaways, that are located at the bottom of that page.