YN 16 YEAR: Did You Win a Prize? If So, Please Read!

If you won a prize in the last 5 weeks on the website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and you have yet to claim it, now is the time to do it. Over the next 2 weeks we are starting to send them out, have sponsors send them out and have digital wins and codes sent. We literally get 1,000s of entries for each one and if you forgot to add your address, or didn’t respond to a question we sent from our g-mail (like what art print you wanted), you risk forfeiting your prize so please check your emails from “yodasnewsanniversary@gmail.com” – they may even have gone to spam. If you saw your name and state/country come up over the last 5 weeks as a winner and didn’t get confirmation from us, please e-mail the admin – Mark@yodasnews.com with your info, and the prize you won. We want everyone to get what they won as items start to ship at the end of March. – Thanks!