Gentle Giant Fan Vote Winner Chosen for Premier Guild 2020 Bust!



The votes are in, and a winner has been chosen!

Last week, members of the 2019 Premier Guild cast their votes for one of the 2020 Premier Guild gifts, choosing from Klaatu, Malakili, Tessek and Dr. Evazan. Now, we can announce the victor!

Handily defeating the underdog Malakili, the Rancor keeper, the winner was Tessek, who came out on top with 45% of the vote. Malakli came in with 28%, Dr. Evazan with 22% and Klaatu with 5%.

Tessek, a.k.a. Squidhead, was the Quarren accountant of Jabba the Hutt and was present in his throne room when Luke Skywalker came to free his friend Han Solo.

The 1/6 scale bust of Tessek will be available to pre-order starting this month, with the launch of the 2020 Premier Guild. It is exclusively available to members of the 2020 Guild, and is available as a free selection to members of the Platinum and Gold tiers. It will ship to customers in 2021. 

Star Wars Episode 1 Racer on the Nintendo Switch and PS4

Star Wars Episode I: Racer on physical disc for the PlayStation 4 and Switch. Region free. This is an open pre-order for a limited time. Includes full-color interior art and a booklet.


Take the controls as Anakin Skywalker, or any one of over 21 Podracers, and feel the full-force blast of two massive jet engines at simulated speeds of up to 600 mph. Rein in a turbine-driven chariot through 8 spectacular worlds. Negotiate through flaming methane lakes, Tusken Raider assaults, ant-gravity tunnels and much more in a pulse-punding, do-or-die fight to the finish where anyone will do anything to cross the finish line. How far will you go?


Star Wars Episode I: Racer on physical cartridge for the N64. This is a fully functional retro game that will work on your classic hardware! Limited to 3,000 copies available worldwide.

This is the six release of our retro Lucasfilm “mint on sealed card” line-up. Each game has been blister packed to an authentic 9″ x 6″ card. Each card will be equipped with a method for accessing the game without damaging the packaging – allowing you to play and display!

These will be carefully shipped in sturdy shipping boxes to avoid damage in transit. 

Internal boards for the cartridge are being supplied by Retro-Bit.

Star Wars Episode I: Racer on physical cartridge for the N64. This is a fully functional retro game that will work on your classic hardware! The Premium Edition is limited to just 2,000 copies available worldwide.

This is the sixth Premium Edition in our retro line-up. Each Premium Edition includes:

  • Premium, individually numbered, foil-stamped rigid book style box. The cover of the box opens gatefold style to reveal the interior contents!
  • Star Wars Episode I: Racer game on physical cartridge for the N64.
  • Collectible Star Wars Episode I: Racer coin.
  • Collectible Star Wars Episode I: Racer retro cartridge enamel pin.
  • Full-color booklet/manual.
  • Individually numbered certificate of authenticity.
  • 18 x 24 inch poster.

These will be carefully shipped in sturdy shipping boxes to avoid damage in transit. 

Internal boards for the cartridge are being supplied by Retro-Bit.

REVEAL! CZ-3™ Bust & Conversation with original sculptor Brian Muir




Hey all, Tom here… I’m excited to finally share the full details of our life-sized CZ-3™ replica bust! This derelict droid™ has always been a favorite of mine. Like so many Star Wars™ fans, our team here finds inspiration in the details and sometimes the obscure characters can be the most fun (MOST INTRIGUING). For this 1:1 prop recreation, we worked with a scan of the original costume and you can read all about the process and the two extremely limited editions we’ll be offering using the links below. Both editions will be available to order on July 13th starting at 12pm EST. Join our email newsletter to be in the know for this and all of our upcoming releases.

Both editions will be offered with our new 3 easy payments Payment Plan via See here for full details on that plan.

Both editions will be available to order on July 13th starting at 12pm EST. Full details, pricing and photos will be posted on our site in the coming days, so keep an eye here or join our email newsletter to be alerted when that goes live and be in the know for this and all of our upcoming releases. 

  • NUMBERED EDITION – limited to 50 pieces. Both the bust and plaque will be hand numbered. Hand painted authentic Star Wars style distressing.
  • SIGNATURE EDITION – limited to just 15 pieces. Includes a plaque signed by original prop sculptor Brian Muir. Both the bust and plaques will be hand numbered. Features authentic Star Wars style distressing and additional layers of desert weathering and simulated “grease drips” to match CZ-3’s Mos Eisley scene.

Learn more about each edition on the product pages which went live this morning:



I’m also thrilled that legendary sculptor Brian Muir, who sculpted CZ-3’s head for the films, has graciously agreed to sign the plaques for our Signature Edition of this replica bust! Brian’s work on countless films, creating sculptures large and small, is an inspiration to fans, creators and makers everywhere. In addition to CZ-3, Muir had a literal hand in the realization of iconic and enduring characters such as Darth Vader™,  RA-7™ (aka Death Star Droid™), the armor worn by the Imperial Stormtroopers™ and even played a part in developing C-3PO™.  Brian joined me for a chat about his work on Star Wars, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!  – Tom Spina (Regal Robot Founder)

Regal Robot – During production, you sculpted heads for CZ-3 and the Death Star Droid and Darth Vader’s helmet. What order did you do those and how long did that work take?

Brian Muir – I sculpted CZ-3 after Darth Vader and then lastly the Death Star Droid. Each sculpt took 4 days approximately.

Regal Robot – Were they sculpted in clay? Do you do any revising in plaster or go right to mold and cast?

Brian Muir – Yes all the heads were sculpted in clay.  I did sharpening at the plaster stage of Darth Vader, the Stormtrooper™ armour and C-3PO™. But the clay sculpt for C-Z3 and the Death Star Droid were moulded and cast in fibre glass.

Regal Robot – Where did the concept for CZ-3’s look come from?

Brian Muir – I was given a basic sketch for CZ-3 by one of the film’s concept artists.

Regal Robot – Were you given any feedback or direction during the sculpture process? Did you enjoy the process?

Brian Muir – I was left to my own devices for the character. I did enjoy sculpting the Death Star Droid head and C-Z3 as well.

Regal Robot – You had a hand in crafting some iconic looks. Even the characters who didn’t get as much screentime all have a level of popularity among fans. What do you attribute that to?

Brian Muir – The fact that they are unique and although we don’t get to know their characters we’re still curious about them.

Regal Robot – How does it feel being a part of the creation of characters so many fans remember so fondly?

Brian Muir – I can only say that I am always pleased to hear from fans how they really like those characters. I’m immensely proud to have been involved in their creation and that they will with us for the unforeseeable future.

Regal Robot – We’d like to express our great thanks to Brian Muir for taking the time to sit down with us and chat, for his inspiring work and for being a part of one of our signature edition collectible creations!

star wars cz-3 droid prop replica bust plaques
Legendary film sculptor, Brian Muir, signed the plaques for our extremely limited signature edition.

In Stores Now: Gentle Giant LTD Kylo Ren

The 4th of July is upon us, and Diamond Select Toys is celebrating with an explosion of new products at comic shops which included the Legends in 3D Movie Star Wars Episode 9 Kylo Ren Half-Scale Bust  — find a store near you at or order online from your favorite retailer!

A Diamond Select Toys and Gentle Giant Ltd. release! Star Wars Episode 9 is nearly upon us, and the world is bracing itself for the Rise of Skywalker! This Legends in 3D half-scale bust captures the masked visage of antagonist Kylo Ren, detailing all of the cracks and seams of his repaired helmet. Measuring approximately 10 inches tall, it is limited to only 1,000 pieces, and comes packaged in a full-color box with a certificate of authenticity. Designed by Joe Allard, sculpted by Rocco Tartamella.