Scott Neitlich is the new Director of Action Figure and Collector product at JAKKS Pacific.  He reached out to select Star Wars sites and gave us the opportunity to participate in an Q&A Monthly session called ASK JAKKS, here is our second segment.  Enjoy, and if you have a question you want us to ask Scott, let us know!  If you missed it last month click here to read our May 2015 questions

Chris from YN: In the Big Figs lines do you have any plans or looked into doing some creatures, like Tauntaun, Dewback, or even Jabba in the 20″ 18″?

Scott: This is something that does fall into our contract rights and would be a ton of fun to do. Really the catch is that a retailer (or retailers) are needed to support such a large and expensive item. It doesn’t mean something like this is off the table, and we have had many discussions. We just don’t have specific plans to announce…yet.

C: In the Big Figs lines is there any chance we could see any small vehicles like a Landspeeder or Speeder Bike in 20″ 18″ line?

S: Pretty much the same answer as above. We have thought a lot about these type of things and would love to tackle them. It just takes finding the right retail partner or partners who would be interested in carrying this type of item to help get it out to collectors. Never say never!

C: Is there a place us fans can go to give you our feedback or any character suggestions to you? Like your Facebook or Twitter page?

S: Those are both excellent places. Our Facebook page is and our twitter handle is @jakkstoys.