Star Wars has always had a powerful connection to Christmas. By age eight, most of us could identify a wrapped Star Wars figure at 20 paces or more. We could tell — just from the size and shape of the package — when only a thin layer of giftwrap separated us from vinyl Jedi robes. We just had a sense of these things. My mom also had a trick of giving hints in the gift tags. The Death Star playset my brother got one Christmas was marked “To: Chris, From: The Emperor.” Only now does that sound vaguely disturbing. When he opened it up, in a furious thrashing and rending of cardboard, the first thing we marveled at was how something made for trash disposal could look so orange and beautiful.

Star Wars has always been an easy fit for Christmas, partly because we all have some version of those kinds of memories. We all wanted the toys. We were kids — that’s how it goes. Mailboxes and newspapers were filled with tons of letters to Santa, just like these:

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There are many wonderful stories that encapsulate the Christmas spirit, and emphasize the potential for human goodness and decency. These stories are time-honored traditions in the month of December, and I’m sure many of you have favorites that are sacrosanct for you and your families. Perhaps there has not been a more retold Christmas story than the Charles Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol, featuring the curmudgeonly Ebenezer Scrooge. Upon recently teaching this class to my freshmen students, I was struck by the similarities between Scrooge and the correspondingly conflicted Darth Vader. Perhaps they are not as dissimilar as one might originally think.

Written in 1843, Dickens’ novella showcased the hardships endured by the destitute of England, and is best known for the aforementioned Scrooge and his journey of self discovery through his experiences with his past, present, and future. Scrooge, as most are aware, is the aptly named cantankerous, apathetic miser, who is as stingy with his money as he is with the spirit of generosity. He is visited by three spirits, and through these famous encounters, learns to embrace his humanity, and to look beyond himself and his pain. His sense of goodness and compassion, long dormant, is joyfully resurrected, revealing his true self.

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Here Are the 2014 Star Wars Snowflake Patterns You’re Looking For!

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Want to craftily decorate your home for the Hothidays, but don’t know where to begin? Anthony Herrera has you covered! The graphic designer has just released his annual downloadable guide to DIY Star Wars snowflakes, explaining:

“There’s a frigid chill blowing through an ice cave on Hoth, where a one-armed Wampa is fruitlessly trying to cut a snowflake pattern of a one-armed Wampa from Hoth. For four years now I’ve been designing Star Wars themed snowflakes for everyone to download, cut, clip, unfold, bandage bloody fingers, and display proudly for the holidays. Please enjoy this new set and let’s hope those new Star Wars movies get here soon.”

If you’re looking for some character designs not included in this year’s batch, make sure to check out Ferrera’s patterns and a how-to video from previous years! And please, if any of you scissor wizards manage to wrangle a BB-8 or crossguard lightsaber guide, don’t keep it to yourself. We need to get through the next year together.

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Hallmark announced new ‘Star Wars’ Christmas ornaments

As summer heats up, ‘Star Wars’ fans often can’t help but look forward to one of our favorite times of year: Christmas. Christmas time is a treasured time for ‘Star Wars’ fans, and usually have fond memories of unwrapping toys from their favorite galaxy far, far away as children. ‘Star Wars’ ornaments have also been a staple of the fandom over the years as well. Adhering to the belief that it’s never too early to be thinking about the holidays, Star Wars and Hallmark released an exciting announcement last Friday.

"Yoda Peekbuster" via

“Yoda Peekbuster” via

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