20 Most Wicked Things Palpatine Does Between Episodes III And IV

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Emperor Palpatine might have become a staple of modern memes, but he did some truly wicked things between Star Wars Episode 3 and 4.

The Star Wars franchise has been going strong for over forty years thanks to its sprawling worlds and giant collection of characters. Heroic icons like Luke and Leia solidified the Skywalkers’ light side legacy, while the sequels’ Finn and Rey remind us that the choice to be good is what counts. Star Wars has also produced some of pop culture’s most recognizable antagonists to challenge its heroes, and though Vader tends to hog the dark side spotlight, his genesis is thanks to Sheev Palpatine, also known as Darth Sidious.

The evil mastermind and leader of the Sith rose to prominence thanks to his wily ways, and his mind was always churning out plans to further establish his Imperial rule over the galaxy far, far away. However, the galaxy isn’t the only thing he’s subjugated. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, Palpatine has also conquered the world of memes in our universe. As a result, it’s pretty easy to forget just how ruthless this Sith lord can be when the fandom is swimming in jokes about the story of Darth Plagueis the Wise.

At the end of the day, Palpatine is a tyrant and turncoat whose Empire terrorizes families, destroys livelihoods, and colonizes worlds without mercy. There may have been a massive time jump between Episodes III and IV, but there’s no rest for the wicked.

The following list draws from various Star Wars media, including some of the de-canonized Legends, so spoilers abound ahead.

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Chewbacca’s our favorite Wookiee, and for good reason: he’s loyal, brave (usually…just keep him out of trash compactors), and beloved by scoundrels, princesses, and Ewoks alike. And after seeing his first adventures with Han in Solo: A Star Wars Story, in theaters now, we love him even more. But how much are you actually like the walking carpet extraordinaire? Do you belong in the Falcon cockpit? Punch it, and let’s find out.

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Skywalker. Vader. Maul. Fett. Antilles. Kenobi.

Character names carry meaning within the mythology of Star Wars. If fans have learned anything from Han Solo, Ben Solo, and FN-2187 these last few years, the origins of names can stem from a matter of timing and convenience or hint at a greater connection to established legacies. Off-screen, much has been written about the real-world inspirations and influences behind the more identifiable names throughout the Star Wars universe — is R2-D2 shorthand for “Reel Two, Dialog Two”? Was “Chewbacca” George Lucas’ dog? — and some names…well, some names, like Cad Bane, are just plain cool.

But with a galactic bench this deep and a character count in the thousands, a dedicated trawl through well-combed data files reveals a multitude of character names that may not roll off the tongue as easily as Kanan Jarrus, Leia Organa, or Kylo Ren. These background and supporting characters, with monikers sometimes containing more consonants than vowels, aren’t what you might call household names. Families haven’t named many pet dogs “Wollivan” and it’s highly doubtful that “Orn Free Taa” will find itself atop a list of the world’s most popular baby names.

But armed with copies of every Star Wars Visual Dictionary ever made, as well as the StarWars.com Databank, we’ve selected 25 of our favorite, weirdest, greatest Star Wars names from across the galaxy.

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20 Things People Gets Wrong About the Jedi

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There are few fandoms that spark more debate than Star Wars. The cultural impact of George Lucas’ film series and subsequent expanded universe have had on pop culture is truly immeasurable. The adventurous nature of the movies and the familiar good vs. evil theme between the Jedi and Sith resonated heavily with audiences of all ages.

With the widespread fandom came some backlash. Some felt that the series has gained an undeserved amount of love and were quick to write the Star Wars universe off. Even fiercer than the debates between fans and non-fans are those amongst Star Wars lovers. With the well of knowledge found in the constantly evolving expanded universe, there’s no shortage of topics for people to argue about.

A hot source of debate for fans is the Jedi. The white knights of the Star Wars universe, the Jedi have a very long and rich history. The basis for the Jedi is very similar to the basis of any ancient religion . As such, the beliefs and practices of the Jedi may have started out simple, but have become more complicated, more specific, and more confusing.

Maybe an event from a new Star Wars movie makes a Jedi’s previous actions seem hypocritical. Maybe your preconceived ideas about how a Jedi is supposed to behave or act isn’t even considered canon anymore. With all the new information added to the Star Wars mythos, a lot of what we thought we knew about our favorite Force users is untrue.

With that in mind, here are 20 Things Everybody Gets Wrong About the Jedi.

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What’s The Worst Moment In The History Of Star Wars?

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If there’s any fandom that exemplifies the diverse nature of opinions within a selected intellectual property, it has to be Star Wars. Depending on when you came into the fandom, which films you prefer or even something as simple as which order you prefer to watch the films in, you’re going to have a unique opinion on what constitutes as the series’ best form. Among those important opinions throughout the fandom, there’s one that probably places highly on the list of priorities for any fan’s rankings, and that’s picking out the worst moment in the Star Wars saga.

So naturally, it seems like a good idea to take a sampling of moments from the entire Star Wars galaxy and ask that hard question of ourselves, as well as you, the public. After reading through the nominees for the worst moment from each film, you’ll be able to not only vote on that honor from the moments listed, but you’ll also be able to discuss any alternate and/or additional candidates in our comments section. The gloves are off and the Star Wars universe is up for grabs, as we run down the nominees for the absolute worst moment in Star Wars history.

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Star Wars Characters Get Reimagined as Fictional Insects

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Star Wars, meet entomology. This imaginary series of bugs based on the sci-fi universe is absolutely incredible.

Brighton-based artist Richard Wilkinson created a stunning series of imaginary insects based on Star Wars characters. In Arhropoda Iconicus, recognizable characters become transformed into realistic, lifelike bugs, including Chewbecca, R2D2, Darth Vader and Han Solo trapped in amber.

Wilkinson has always been fascinated by natural history. “There is something about the way scientists categorized and classified the chaotic and vast world of nature that really resonates with me,” Wilkinson told Fast Company. What better way to celebrate the diversity and beauty of the natural world than to combine it with “the world of modern obsession” and pop culture?

After all, the desire to classify and identify exist just as much outside of science, like when fandoms grow around film, TV , movies, books, vehicles or toys. To create the illustrations, Wilkinson began by studying icons from Star Wars, and determining their most recognizable traits.

“Then I sketch a few ideas and then go to my entomology books and online collections for ideas of how they might translate into features of an insect,” he explained. Sometimes, he finds an insect that seems like the right fit. But just as often, he goes through an adjusting process, adapting the insect form to subtly showcase Star Wars characteristics.

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Everyone has a preference, and though it might be tough to choose just one, let us know which is the best of all the Star Wars films in your eyes. Although we’ve asked this in the past, with three more movies added to the collection, we think it’s time to revisit the question.

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Star Wars Sound Effects

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The much-loved song the Cantina Band performs in A New Hope is undoubtedly a catchy earworm, but Eclectic Method’s latest toe-tapper turns all of the Star Wars movies into a thumping house remix we’d love to dance along with at the club—or, more likely, in our cars on the way to work.

The sound effects used to bring a galaxy far, far away to life lend themselves remarkably well to being remixed. Blooping droids, lightsabers, and blaster shots re-assemble into a track you probably won’t be able to listen to just once. It is quite an achievement in sound design.