Why Disney’s Star Wars VII Could Be A Fan and Investor Favorite

Via Fool.com:

A long time ago (October 2012), in a galaxy far far away (an office building in Hollywood, California), The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS ) acquired LucasFilm for over $4 billion, giving Star Wars fans a reason to get excited about another movie in the Star Wars saga. The first six Star Wars films together have grossed over $4.4 billion (not adjusted for inflation) in box office revenue since the initial release in 1977, and now Disney investors have been excited as well.

Since Disney first announced the name Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens last October, the industry has continued to buzz with excitement as each new snippet of casting and creative details are slowly leaked. Fans and investors alike have been patiently waiting for the film’s December 2015 release.

Here’s why Disney’s Star Wars VII could be the best Star Wars movie yet and what Disney investors can expect in 2015.

A new and unexpected storyline
There’s no denying that the story line in the first six Star Wars movies has been great. The way that four, five, and six back in the 70’s and 80’s were followed by the release of one, two, and three nearly 30 years later made it possible that multiple generations could be drawn into the story together. But with the finality of Darth Vader’s death at the end of Episode 6, Disney has the chance to create a truly unique story line that doesn’t follow the traditional ideas of Star Wars mastermind George Lucas.

Disney appears to have capitalized on this unique opportunity, setting the new movie 30 years in the future of when the Episode 6 ended, and then giving their creative team free will to deviate from Lucas’ original plans.

In a recent announcement, Lucas admitted that his treatments for Star Wars VII have not been of much use.

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