NYCC 14: Hasbro ‘Twas The Night Party Video and Ezra Saber Demo

It was a party, so the lighting, awesome DJ and party lights made it very hard to get a good video (as well as all the camera flashes from other media members) but we still wanted to share the experience of the best party at NYCC, The Hasbro ‘Twas the Night Before Party with our readers. See a quick demo of the REBELS EZRA BRIDGER LIGHTSABER BLASTER from Joe N. at Hasbro.  Joe was awesome to talk to all night and will be a welcome addition to the team!  Also a quick look  at the THE BLACK SERIES 6-Inch and 3.75 inch Action Figures,  REBELS Action Figures and more.  Please note the video is just for fun, to see the all the great figures and items, see our gallery here.