NYTF 15: PPW Toys

It was always odd to us that several companies basically are making basically the same thing.  We saw Mr. Potato Head at Hasbro and then PPW makes them as well, just a little different, so we made an appointment to meet them and get the final answer.

PPW Toys is a designer and manufacturer of unique specialty toys and collectibles that capture the latest in pop culture, pay tribute to the classics and appeal to collectors, fans and kids of all ages.

For these items, they are larger than the Hasbro one, made with higher quality materials and geared more for a collector as opposed to a kid to tear apart. They debuted Boba a few days before the show and revealed at the show C-3PO and Slave Leia are next on the list.  They are currently working on a final box image, the process for PPW takes even longer as they have to work with multiple layers of approval including Hasbro and Disney. Check out the gallery from the booth below.