NYTF 2015: That’s a Wrap!

Here is quick guide to all the image galleries, videos and news we posted over the last 5 days.  We posted over 20 reports here on the website and over 500 live images and videos on social media!

This was our 10th year covering Toy Fair and it was a great time as always!  It’s always cold, it’s always crazy and it’s always expensive but it’s also loads of fun! Check out the summary and direct links below to each report for anything you may have missed! See you next year!


NYTF 15: PPW Toys
NYTF 15: Comic Images
NYTF 15: Funko
NYTF 2015: Kotobukiya
NTYF 15: Tamashii Nations (Star Wars by Bandai)

NYTF 15 (Video): Star Wars Force Trainer II Demo – Uncle Milton
NYTF 15 (Video): New Yoda and Vader Star Wars Inflatable Remote Control by Bladez Toyz
NYTF 2015: Underground Toys
NYTF 2015: Star Wars Science Uncle Milton
NYTF 15: Hasbro Official Press Images
NYTF 15 (Video): Jakks Pacific Display at New York Toy Fair 2015
NYTF 15 (Video): BLADEBUILDERS Demo at New York Toy Fair 2015
NYTF 15 (Video): Star Wars Furbacca Furby Demo at New York Toy Fair

NYTF 15 (Video): Video Tour – LEGO Star Wars at New York Toy Fair
NYTF 15: Furbacca Farts, Play Doh and Mashers Oh My!
NYTF 15: JAKKS Pacific
NYTF15: New Star Wars Toys for 2015 from PPW Toys
NYTF 2015 Almost Here!
JAKKS Pacific Early Toy Fair News: Classic Yoda, Bossk and R2 on the way!

NYTF 15: PPW Toys

It was always odd to us that several companies basically are making basically the same thing.  We saw Mr. Potato Head at Hasbro and then PPW makes them as well, just a little different, so we made an appointment to meet them and get the final answer.

PPW Toys is a designer and manufacturer of unique specialty toys and collectibles that capture the latest in pop culture, pay tribute to the classics and appeal to collectors, fans and kids of all ages.

For these items, they are larger than the Hasbro one, made with higher quality materials and geared more for a collector as opposed to a kid to tear apart. They debuted Boba a few days before the show and revealed at the show C-3PO and Slave Leia are next on the list.  They are currently working on a final box image, the process for PPW takes even longer as they have to work with multiple layers of approval including Hasbro and Disney. Check out the gallery from the booth below.

NYTF 15: Funko

The Funko booth this year was massive, it may have been one of the largest booths we saw and it was PACKED all 3 days we attended with buyers clamoring to order.  They seem to have a hand in almost every property and the new acquired Harry Potter line among others, they were THE hottest booth we saw!

For Star Wars collectors, they had a lot we have already seen, but the big reveal was the Super Showgun Boba Fett and Shadow Trooper. There were also tons of the Hikari limited edition pieces with several colors and decos, check the gallery for what was on display, but it looked like they were open to really get creative with these.  I think we can safely say they will have plenty from The Force Unleashed this fall but could not show!


NYTF 2015: Kotobukiya

It’s always a fun visit with Dan and the crew at Kotobukiya!  Today, we got to check out the Celebration Anaheim Exclusive R3-A2 & K-3PO ARTFX+ Statue and the Snowtrooper ARTFX+ statue Prototype.

Dan let us know there will be pre-orders online about a week before celebration for those who can’t attend the show for the R3-A2 & K-3PO and then, of course, they will be sold at the show. The plan for the Snowtrooper ARTFX+ statue 2 pack is going to be similar to that of the Sandtrooper with up to 4 additional poses (not final). R3-A2 also has all new tooling in the dome, check out our close up:

Also shown were some of the older Lightsaber chopsticks as well as two new ones that we have seen before but are now out (or will be by March),Yoda and Mace. Coming in April, are the Sandwich Shapers (Vader, R2-D2 and Stromtrooper) and the Egg Shapers as well! There is more to come in 2015 from Kotobukiya but as of now, they can’t say! Check out a gallery of images below!

NYTF 2015: Star Wars Science Uncle Milton

Check out our gallery from Uncle Milton today,  most of the new products (like the awesome new Force Trainer), you’ll want to see our videos to really appreciate but here is a quick gallery.   We just got back from almost 10 hours on the floor and will get you all the details on these items, but enjoy the gallery below while we get things processing!