Review: Sideshow Collectibles Commander Luke Skywalker in Hoth Gear


We finally have Sideshow Collectibles Commander Luke Skywalker in Hoth Gear. His amazing screen accurate appearance is uncanny. Now we can relive the moments in “The Empire Strikes Back”. Seeing how Mark Hamill realism into this amazing and well done 1/6 scale figure will blow your minds. Commander Luke Skywalker’s box is held by a magnet which you can flip the cover to reveal Luke and his accessories.

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Luke Skywalker comes with 3 heads (The regular version comes with 2). The first head comes with headgear and fabric scarf and is really well sculpted, it catches his likeliness. The paint app on the skin is slightly dark, while on film he was lighter. The wash on his eyes captures the realism. The regular head has a sculpted hair and features a lot of his facial likeliness while missing his pre-scar from his accident.

The exclusive head is the ‘Wampa Attack’ with damaged headgear and fabric scarf which is well capture, again his skin paint app is slightly darker. Commander Skywaker’s cold-weather fatigues are most impressive, the detailing and stitching are phenomenal. His pants are not exactly a fit but slightly loose, thou its needed for articulation. The belts with buckles are detailed and his holsters comes with magnetic straps.

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His sleeves has working pockets and details logo on his right side. His vest is slightly off color. Skywalker comes with the Prometheus body, DK-44 Blaster (Luke Version), Binoculars with fabric strap, Two part sculpted boots, Right trigger hand, Right c-grip hand, Right large c-grip hand, Right reach hand, Left fist, Left c-grip hand, Left large c-grip hand and Left reach hand. Ignited lightsaber and lightsaber hilt. A black support base with detachable hoth scene. Overall, the Collectibles Commander Luke Skywalker in Hoth Gear is well worth the buy and highly recommendeded.

You can order him at this link while supplies last. photos courtesy of Brandon J.

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