SDCC Hasbro Booth! TAKE 2!

As always, Hasbro holds off on showing the new reveals until after the presentation, so we made a second pass at the the booth after our one on one Q&A (to be posted shortly, where we asked as many of the readers questions as they let us).

Check out the updates to the booth including (to the 6″ line) Wampa, TaunTaun, Hoth Luke, Hoth Han, Palpy, Bossk, TIE Fighter, Clone Trooper Lieutenant and the Target Exclsuive Shadow Troopers and Speeder Bike.

For the 3 3/4″ line we have Commander’s Doom and Wolffe, Yavin Leia, Chewie, Vander, Vader (Yoda’s test) and Rex!