Hasbro Q&A Session at SDCC 2014 Video!

Yesterday, we had an opportunity to meet with William Rawley and Jeff Labovitz from Hasbro and ask them the questions our readers sent it, we got in over 80 questions but only had time to ask about a dozen of them.

Check out the video below and see what they had to say about the new Saga Legends and Mission Series lines, why the carded images have the word “Rebels” under them and some do not, about the 5 POA figures and the appeal of them for older collectors, female characters in the 3.75 lines, will there be a 1st day of issue carding for Rebels like there was for The Clone Wars, more Droid Factory Build-A-Droid astromech figures at Disney, how would you describe the items you are working on for Episode 7 and more!

Check it out below and a HUGE thanks to William and Jeff for the time! They also hint to more BIG things to come, it’ a must watch!