The Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer wasn’t just a gift to the semi-dormant legion of Star Wars fans forced into hiding since The Phantom Menace came along. It’s also been tremendous boon to practitioners of internet fan art, arriving just as they began to tire of pictures where Harry Styles and Benedict Cumberbatch and Loki kiss each other on a cloud.

The Star Wars trailer has inspired creativity like little else before it. We’ve had analysis and liveblogs – and even a spoof trailer of George Lucas’s Episode VII, rendered unwatchable by millions of clunky CGI inserts.

But mainly we’ve just had fan art. This is why I’ve scoured Tumblr, Twitter and DeviantArt to bring you a definitive ranking of the key pieces, from best to worst:

1) This, of course, is just about the only sensible way to produce a poster based on a short and deliberately obtuse teaser trailer – just take the most iconic moment (in the case the new, ridiculously impractical-looking crucifix lightsaber), view it from a different angle and make it look really cool. Job done.

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