If you’re still plotting your entry into Disneyland’s newest, biggest and very popular new land, hold on. Today begins a shift away from a reservation system to general access into Galaxy’s Edge — the name of Disney’s new Star Wars land.

But, there are some “buts.”

If it’s as popular as expected, visitors who travel here will likely need to line up in a crowd controlling virtual queue on the morning of their visit to Disneyland or Disney Californian Adventure.

Through FastPass kiosks in the park or the Disney app (your presence in the park also required), guests can now sign up (as early as 7 a.m.) for a boarding group window of time on Batuu. That’s the planet that is now hosting an in-universe experience where you don’t just celebrate the films and series of Star Wars, you live them.

The virtual boarding group queue will reward whoever shoots first (Han Solo, of course) which means there’s no guarantee you’ll get into Galaxy’s Edge, as veteran FastPass users will tell you.

What are your odds? Not even C3-P0 can calculate your chances. And if you’re channeling your inner space pilot, you’d likely reply “Never tell me the odds” anyway.

Virtual queuing will go on as long as demand requires it.

The other “but” is that two of the more popular spots on Batuu will require specific reservations: Savi’s workshop, where you can assemble and purchase your very own lightsaber, and Oga’s Cantina, the only place in the Disneyland universe where you can enjoy an alcoholic libation.

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