The Empire’s various ground troops may enforce Palpatine’s tyranny with no mercy, but they do look pretty awesome doing it. There’s the sleek scout trooper uniform, there’s the menacing snowtrooper outifit, and there’s the layered Imperial combat driver fatigues. There’s nothing quite like the original, classic stormtrooper armor, though, and ANOVOS’ new costume is an amazing re-creation. (If you were ever looking to rescue a princess on the Death Star, this is the disguise you’d want.)

An iconic design, stormtrooper armor is simultaneously intimidating, futuristic-yet-familiar, and very cool. In creating this new costume, ANOVOS used references from both private collectors and the Lucasfilm Archives, developing unique sculpts for each piece of armor. It is scheduled for a Winter 2015 release, and is available either as a completed uniform with minimal adjustment work required ($1,600), or as a kit that you can custom build for yourself ($650). Imperial loyalists who pre-order before May 4, 2015, will receive a special discount: $1,200 for the completed ensemble (25 percent off) and $350 for the kit with completed helmet (nearly 45 percent off). Visit for full ordering information, and check out a preview gallery below and more details below!

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