The Clone Wars Season 7 will premiere on Monday, Feb. 17!

The seventh (and last) season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is coming to Disney+ streaming service on Monday, Feb. 17.  The date was shared via a video on the official website (but has since been taken down, not sure why) was able to grab a screenshot before it went down, you can see it at this link. So get ready for 12 weeks of awesome starting on 2/17/2020!

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Mark, Amy and Matt are in New York today to kick off our 2019 coverage of New York Comic Con with images and news from the Funko Event this afternoon!  We will then be meeting with Kotobukiya, Tamashii Nations, Insight Editions, McFarlane, Diamond,  Topps, Star Wars Authentics, Gentle Giant LTD, Sideshow, Hot Toys and a few surprise companies with Brand New Star Wars items debuting at the show,  and many others on our quick 2 day trip! 

The first images will be posted via our social accounts so be sure to follow us there, with high res images and videos later in the day on the website, so it may be quiet here today and early tomorrow, but check Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for our LIVE news (Links Below)

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A Musical About Star Wars Review


What if I told you that at 42nd street and 9th avenue there is a musical about Star Wars featuring everything from The Holiday Special thru Rey and BB-8? Would you believe it? I almost didn’t! This weekend I had the pleasure of attending the off-broadway NYC show A Musical About Star Wars. Tickets were courtesy of the show’s producers. 

A Musical About Star Wars is nothing short of a joyride that will entertain and impress any fan of The Force! I will try to keep spoilers to a minimum, because the unexpectedness of it all is what makes it so fantastic. This 3-person show follows 2 passionate fans who try to convince an aspiring actress that Star Wars is the best thing in the galaxy. The musical adventure travels through many levels of Star Wars fandom with non-stop laughs for fans of any caliber. 

While most of the show was expectedly and splendidly focused on the original trilogy, the prequel portion of the show was quite spectacular! A very thorough recap of the Anakin-focused trilogy was rapped to We Didn’t Start the Fire. The Force was strong with the actors who seamlessly worked off each other rapping to the iconic Joel tune without missing a beat. I left the show with it stuck in my head! 
The level of fandom behind the production showed its depth with many references to the various toy lines and even the Expanded Universe. Everything from the Kenner Early Bird Set to the countless LEGO sets were included. Going into the show I was expecting something kinda-Spaceballs, but found A Musical About Star Wars to be very fresh and have a comedic identity of its own. The original score, lyrics and laughs make it a must-see for any fan! 
If you are in the New York area or find yourself traveling here, make sure you find the time to see A Musical About Star Wars! You will have a fantastic time and so will anyone accompanying you! 

The Great Star Wars Heist

This is a must read by Alexander Huls at

The mad world of Star Wars memorabilia collecting began with a plea for trust.

When George Lucas’s film premiered on May 25, 1977, no one knew it would even succeed, much less become a decades-spanning, money-making juggernaut. Certainly not Kenner, the company tasked with making Star Wars toys. Kenner had acquired the Star Wars merchandising license only a month before the film’s release. When kids immediately fell in love with Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Darth Vader, their action figures were nowhere near ready.

So, for the 1977 Christmas season, Kenner came up with an unconventional idea: an IOU. The company’s $16 Early Bird Certificate Package was a box that included some stickers, a cardboard display stand for a dozen 3¾-inch action figures, and a mail-in offer to receive four of the upcoming figures (Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Chewbacca, and R2-D2) between February and June of 1978.

Kenner’s Early Bird Certificate Package, 1977. MELFIUS / WIKIA

Kenner delivered on its promise. Throughout early 1978, children received the promised four figures, kindling interest in completing the full 12-piece set. These first dozen toys, known as 12-backs, went on to sell 26 million units that year, kick-starting what would become one of the biggest toy franchises in history. To date, Star Warsmerch has moved nearly $20 billion in sales.

That first act of trust ignited a phenomenon. Star Wars collecting became a hobby, then a passion, then a worldwide industry with insurance policies protecting collections worth millions and collectors chasing the rarest and most elusive pieces. In 2017, that hobby would be tested by an aspiring collector, a thief hidden in plain sight, and a rare plastic action figure worth more than your average car.

In early February 2017, 39-year-old collector Zach Tann would unknowingly set in motion one of the biggest scandals in Star Wars collecting history. 

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