Hero Series Millennium Falcon High Resolution Images and More Info!

As promised in our article yesterday, here is a much better look at the Hero Series Millennium Falcon, as well as some highlights we gathered now that we could see all the fine print on the box. According to our sources it is will be coming in Fall of 2014  and will be exclusive to Wal-Marts stores, but that MAY change and it may also be offered in some capacity to other outlets. While it does have the Rebels colors and advertisement on the top right,  Star Wars Episode V is listed as the movie it is from.

The larger images also reveal that it will have a rotating radar dish and the cannon turns and elevates.  That is the only “action” this has. There is no way to open the cockpit or anything else.  No figures are included and there is no place for them to go even if they were.  This is geared at kids, like we were told about the  X-Wing at Toy Fair, but with the great detail on this piece (and if you look real close you can read it will include a sticker sheet) I can see collectors may want this if the price is right as a lightweight display piece.

Guessing price point may be between $35-$50. Check out the higher resolution image below (you will have to click the image to see it full size and possibly twice depending on your browser, they may also take some time to load)






Giant “Role Play” Millennium Falcon Coming This Fall!

Coming in Fall of 2014 (to Wal-Marts from what we hear) is the Millennium Falcon. Over 2 feet long it looks to be the next in the line of “Big Ships” like we saw with the X-Wing at New York Toy Fair.  These are geared at kids and will most likely have a low price price like the X-Wing. Check out some quick images below, we will have the higher resolution ones later today.

HeroMill3 HeroMill7

HeroMill5 HeroMill2

HeroMill6 HeroMill1