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When we left off in Star Wars Rebels, Sabine had finally revealed her backstory to the crew, and had learned how to wield the darksaber. That ancient black lightsaber belonged to her ancestory, the first Mandalorian Jedi, and was a symbol of uniting power for the Mandalorian people for generations, and now it’s in the possession of Sabine Wren. In the return of the series this Saturday Februay 18 at 8:30 p.m. on Disney XD, Sabine takes the darksaber back to her people to recruit them to the Rebel cause. That means we’re going to Mandalore, right? Not so fast…

“We might be going somewhere unexpected,” actress Tiya Sircar, the voice of Sabine, teased to She was checking with Lucasfilm PR about whether it was too much of a tease, but after being assured she could say it, added, “Where we’re going might not be where you think we’re going.”

Fans were assuming that the crew of the Ghost was heading to Mandalore, the traditional seat of power of the Mandalorian people, but it sounds like we’ll be going to another one of their planets. That could have something to do with the devastating Imperial weapon that Sabine revealed she helped design, and was turned on her people. It’s interesting to see more of the former Mandalorian empire, one of the few individual cultures that’s not a crime family that actually expanded out into other planets and even systems. We’ve seen the decimated Concord Dawn, of course, and saw Mandalore and the moon Concordia on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. So is another location coming? It sure sounds like it.

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Genesis of A New Dawn: An Interview with John Jackson Miller

Last week, famed Star Wars author John Jackson Miller sat with Alex Rybak of Yoda’s News to converse in the ways of the Force. Miller recently released A New Dawn, the first book in the newly launched line of adult fiction in our favorite galaxy far, far away. Alex and John discussed the genesis of A New Dawn, the role of the newly formed Lucasfilm Story Group, and much more. Check out the full interview below.

A New Dawn cover via Del Rey Books

A New Dawn cover via Del Rey Books

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Droid Design: Chopper from Star Wars Rebels Comes to Life


Chopper is the grumpy, lazy, yet ultimately heroic astromech droid of the upcoming Star Wars Rebels animated series — and Lucasfilm has brought him to life. In this new video, go behind the scenes to see how a fully functioning Chopper was designed, built, and finally, introduced to his creators and to the world.

Star Wars Rebels Zeb Maquette from Gentle Giant LTD


Star Wars Rebels continues the epic tradition of the legendary Star Wars saga with all-new exciting, action-packed adventures. It is a dark time in the galaxy, as the evil Galactic Empire tightens its grip of power from world to world. Ezra, a Force-sensitive intergalactic con artist and Chopper, a cobbled-together astromech droid with an attitude find themselves thrown into a much larger world of adventure and danger, as the Empire flexes their authority over their home world, Lothal.

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Giant “Role Play” Millennium Falcon Coming This Fall!

Coming in Fall of 2014 (to Wal-Marts from what we hear) is the Millennium Falcon. Over 2 feet long it looks to be the next in the line of “Big Ships” like we saw with the X-Wing at New York Toy Fair.  These are geared at kids and will most likely have a low price price like the X-Wing. Check out some quick images below, we will have the higher resolution ones later today.

HeroMill3 HeroMill7

HeroMill5 HeroMill2

HeroMill6 HeroMill1

First Look: Gentle Giant LTD Inquisitor Maquette from Rebels is proud to bring you an exclusive first look at the Gentle Giant LTD Inquisitor Maquette from Star Wars Rebels. Before now, we had only seen the concept art, but check out the gallery below for 19 images of the final painted maquette!

We are also happy to break a new announcement , there will be a PG exclusive version featuring an interchangeable head with helmet! If you already ordered a maquette and you are a member of the Premier Guild, your order will be changed so there is no need to re-order!

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