Sarlacc Pit Episode 89: D23 Topps

Mark joined the Sarlacc Pit Podcast with Chris and Dan Curto – Check it out!

Join Matt and Chris as we are back for another exciting episode of the Sarlacc Pit. In this episode we welcome back Mark Picirilli from and Dan Curto from The Wolfpack podcast. Mark and Dan discuss doing artwork for Topps trading cards and the new set (Star Wars Chrome Perspectives: Jedi Vs. Sith) just released and  the Journey To The Force Awakens set coming out in a few weeks. Plus we talk about all of the new stuff coming out of D23 last weekend. Star Wars Lands at Disney, Rogue One, Hasbro toys and more. So grab your Topps cards and join us for another episode of the Sarlacc Pit. Click below to listen!