Star Wars in the UK – Star Wars Monthly


Being a Star Wars fan growing up in the UK during the ’80s was a unique experience. Sure, like our fellow fans across the globe we had the films, the action figures, the books, and the food promotions, but we also had access to a number of things that fans around the world didn’t. We got the chance to watch Admiral Ozzel wear a wonky wig on BBC kids show Grange Hill. We saw Gold 2 play a role in popular early evening soap Crossroads. We even saw Darth Vader showing kids how to cross the road safely dressed in tight green spandex. But the one thing that really set us apart from our American cousins were Marvel’sStar Wars UK titles.

Starting on February 8, 1978, Star Wars Weekly ran for 117 issues and broke down, into weekly installments, the original adaptation of Star Wars by Roy Thomas and Howard Chaykin. It then on to the further adventures of our heroes as what was the 7th issue of the American title hit the UK reprints and gave British kids a glimpse into the exciting future of Star Wars, in what were essentially the first Expanded Universe stories (and later, Legends).

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