The Greatest Dark Horse Star Wars Comics To Buy Before They’re Gone


Marvel’s Star Wars comic is starting next month, so with a heavy heart we say goodbye to Dark Horse’s comics. It’s a real goodbye too: a few will get republished, but after December 31st you’ll no longer be able to buy Dark Horse’s Star Wars line. Here’s the must-read stories to grab before they’re gone forever.

It came as almost a surprise to us when we learned that Dark Horse would stop selling their old Star Wars comics, but alas, after contacting Aub Driver of Dark Horse, we got confirmation that, although fans will be able to keep their digital purchases, after December 31st, they’ll pull all of their Star Wars digital titles for sale:

After the 31st — All SW titles will be pulled. Anyone who has purchased digital copies will still be allowed to access them in their cloud.

Our last print book came out November 5th: Star Wars: Dark Times Gallery Edition HC.

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