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@andrewstoyz has been a sponsor of the site for all 16 years we have been online and they went over the top with the donation to celebrate our 16 year anniversary. Over 60 items from action figures, to comics to shirts and so much more. Huge thanks to @andrewstoyz for this very generous donation. Be sure to check them out at AndrewsToyz.com – 10 days until we kick off our 16 Year Anniversary and more prizes are starting to arrive, Check back 2/1/20 to see how to win some of these great prizes from #andrewstoyz and others. We will announce more prizes each day for the next 9 days! Stay Tuned, we have over 150 items this year! #Yodasnews16 #yodasnews #yodasnewsgiveaway #starwars #bobafett #darthvader #hasbro #actionfigures #starwarscomics #starwarsshirts #starwarsfigures @starwarsfigures501 #princessleia #hansolo @actionfigureinsider @mwctoys #giveaway #freetoys

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The Greatest Dark Horse Star Wars Comics To Buy Before They’re Gone

Via Toybox.i09.com:

Marvel’s Star Wars comic is starting next month, so with a heavy heart we say goodbye to Dark Horse’s comics. It’s a real goodbye too: a few will get republished, but after December 31st you’ll no longer be able to buy Dark Horse’s Star Wars line. Here’s the must-read stories to grab before they’re gone forever.

It came as almost a surprise to us when we learned that Dark Horse would stop selling their old Star Wars comics, but alas, after contacting Aub Driver of Dark Horse, we got confirmation that, although fans will be able to keep their digital purchases, after December 31st, they’ll pull all of their Star Wars digital titles for sale:

After the 31st — All SW titles will be pulled. Anyone who has purchased digital copies will still be allowed to access them in their cloud.

Our last print book came out November 5th: Star Wars: Dark Times Gallery Edition HC.

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Dark Horse Comics Black Friday Megabundles

Via Dark Horse Comics:

Starting Thanksgiving, Dark Horse Digital will offer six MegaBundles of comics & graphic novels for $99.99 each! Thousands of pages of comics over 60% off!
Dark Horse Comics is rocking Black Friday madness with a very exclusive limited offer for its digital-comics readers . . .

Feast your eyes on this year’s Black Friday MegaBundles. For one weekend only, you can load up on comics from your favorite creative universes for the crazy-low price of $99.99 each only on Digital.Darkhorse.com!

Star Wars MegaBundles

This year we are giving Star Wars fans two different options! Get 200 digital Star Wars comics or get every Star Wars Omnibus. Purchase these MegaBundles, you should. Too late will it be if you wait!

Jump into Dark Horse’s superhero universe, Project Black Sky. Ghost, X, Captain Midnight, Skyman, The Occultist, and Brain Boy are all included in this limited time MegaBundle.

The free Dark Horse Digital comics app is now available worldwide through all modern web browsers and features cloud storage in both Google Play and iOS apps.

Marvel announces first ‘Star Wars’ release for January 2015

As many ‘Star Wars’ fans know, there have been many changes to the franchise since Disney bought it back in 2012. One of those changes was the announcement earlier this year that Marvel would take over the licensing for ‘Star Wars’ comics. Dark Horse Comics has had the license and has published superb content since 1991. Older fans will remember that Marvel actually held the initial license for the comics from 1977 to 1986. Many fans view this as ‘Star Wars’ returning to its original owner, at least as far as comics are concerned.

Today, Marvel announced their very first project in their return to ‘Star Wars’ with an announcement on the official ‘Star Wars’ website, titled ‘Star Wars: The Original Marvel Years.’ Perhaps jumping on the success of the Dark Horse Comics ‘omnibus’ series, Marvel flaunts the release of their own oversized collection. They will be “re-presenting those original adventures in its over-sized Omnibus format.” The book will contain issues #1-44, plus Annual #1, of the original ‘Star Wars’ run with Marvel. Axel Alonso, Marvel editor in chief, said the following: “I am extremely proud to present these original Star Wars stories, told as only Marvel can, in the first in a massive and glorious Omnibus series.”



‘Star Wars: The Original Marvel Years’ via StarWars.com

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