When it was first revealed that Disney would be making standalone anthology movies in the Star Wars universe, one of the many rumored projects in development included a Yoda film which would have been focused on the master Jedi in his early years. We even heard rumors of filmmaker Zack Snyder pitching Lucasfilm on a Seven Samurai-style movie which would have featured a younger Yoda.

Now Lucasfilm has revealed that a new Star Wars comic book series will explore Yoda’s past adventures. Learn more after the jump.
When Disney purchased Lucasfilm, the expanded universe became “Legends,” leaving only the six theatrical live-action Star Wars films and the Clone Wars animated series as canon. Over the last couple years, we’ve added a bunch of books, comic books, a video game and the Star Wars Rebels animated series to the mix. But the earliest any of this material takes us is a handful of years before A New Hope. Most of the comics are set in the time between the original film and The Empire Strikes Back, while the books have mainly been focusing on the years between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. So it’s interesting that Star Wars canon will finally explore an earlier period.

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