Learn about huge battleships and nimble speeders

Because the Galactic Republic lacked a central army to maintain order in the galaxy, economic powerhouses had been granted the right to arm themselves legally against pirates and other assailants. This would lead to the creation of thousands of battle droids, but also to the production of armed ships and vehicles. One of these economic powers was the Trade Federation, controlled by the greedy Neimoidians. Exotic companies such as Haor Chall Engineering and Baktoid Armor Workshop produced most of the ships and vehicles from the Trade Federation that are highlighted in this article.

A communications disruption …

The Trade Federation’s blockade of the peaceful planet Naboo was the instigator of key events that would eventually cause the Republic’s downfall. Secretly controlled by Darth Sidious’ machinations, Viceroy Nute Gunray and Rune Haako ordered their forces to invade and occupy Naboo.

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