We are close to the end of another year and you know what that means, right? Those obnoxious and pretentious top 10 lists that everyone and his pet dewback seem to crank out. We’ve all seen them. Some jerk offers up their yearly top 10 of some aspect of humanity and folks either agree or disagree, ignore or have a meltdown, or just nod their heads in acceptance and move on to the next list which is always right around the corner.

Well. Today, I am that jerk. However, I will not be doing some boring “Top 10 of 2019”. How can I do that when we are not only saying goodbye to 2019, but also bidding a fond adieu to the last decade! That’s right boys and girls. This here is the unofficial…


Now, before we get started, remember – this is one person’s opinion on what the most significant Star Wars stories of the last 10 years are. If you disagree or think I am wrong, feel free to drop me a line at and make your case. With that disclaimer out of the way, let us get on to number 10 on our countdown…


I didn’t even want to include this in my list. However, acknowledging their disgusting actions is different from tolerating them. Yes, these are the folks who made Kelly Marie Tran leave social media. These are the folks who can’t seem to stand a female character with pink hair calling the shots. These are the dolts who force me to explain to my co-workers what I think is “wrong with you Star Wars nerds?” There is nothing like hearing how Star Wars fans are “racist” and “sexist”. I remember a time when being a Star Wars fan earned you titles like “pathetic” and “loser”. My, how times have changed.


After Disney bought Lucasfilm, the decision was made to eliminate the Expanded Universe from Star Wars canon. What was once the main source for new stories and continuing adventures for our brave heroes from that galaxy far, far away, was now regulated to the “Legends” banner.  With the wave of a Disney magic wand, gone were 36 years of stories. The old timeline was no more. However, great characters are hard to come by. As such, some have found their way from “Legends” to the new canon.


 The one item on this list that makes me feel old. Here is to the next 40 years!

7) THE RELEASE OF ROGUE ONE (December 16, 2016)

In many ways, ROGUE ONE was the make or break point for the vision of Star Wars that Disney was producing.  ROGUE ONE was the first major film release to deal with the Star Wars universe that didn’t have the already established characters in it. If Disney was going to make new material for the Star Wars universe, this was its first step. Luckily, the movie was a financial success and widely accepted my most fans.


Heads were melting, fingers were sore from left clicking the play button over and over again, and imaginations were rekindled as the teaser trailer for THE FORCE AWAKENS was unleashed upon the world. The trailer, which offered the rabid fanbase a whopping one minute and eight seconds of new Star Wars goodness, racked up more than 40 million views on Youtube in less than three days. Much like the teaser for THE PHANTOM MENACE, some fifteen years earlier, fans were left with questions, concerns and just a hint of excitement as the clock started its countdown to the release date of the actual movie.

5) THE FORCE AWAKENS RELEASED (December 18, 2015)

Waiting for that year to pass was torturous for many. Once THE FORCE AWAKENS was released, however, fans were eager to watch the continuation of the Skywalker story. Bringing in over two billion dollars worldwide, Disney hit the home run they were hoping for – ensuring a future for the franchise that was once thought of as a finished story.

4) THE MANDALORIAN DEBUTS (November 12, 2019)

The first, episodic Star Wars television show was finally made into a reality with the release of THE MANDALORIAN on the newly minted DISNEY +.  Not only had Star Wars invaded the world of T.V., but, with Jon Faverau at the helm, did it in a most convincing manner. With the last two episodes earning a rare 100 percent critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes and season 2 set to debut in the fall of 2020, THE MANDALORIAN is arguably the best Star Wars story to come out of Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm. 

3) THE DEATHS OF RALPH MCQUARRIE, KENNY BAKER AND PETER MAYHEW (tie) (March 3, 2012/August 13, 2016/April 30, 2019)

Together, Ralph McQuarrie, Kenny Baker and Peter Mayhew maintained a certain level of anonymity. Not recognizable by the general public, these three men brought their unique personalities and skills to the table and helped to shape the Star Wars universe – with Mayhew and Baker bringing R2-D2 and Chewbacca to life on screen, and with McQuarrie providing design paintings and concept illustrations that helped create many of the characters and unforgettable moments from the Star Wars films.


As if millions of voices suddenly cried out with a collective “uh…what?” It was a day full of double takes from members of the Star Wars fandom when it was announced that Disney was shelling out $4 billion to purchase Lucasfilm. The implications were immediate. Disney announced that the unnamed Episode VII would be released in 2015 and fans started the immediate speculation as to what else would follow. For a franchise that had all but told its story, the prospect of new movies, cartoons, books and television shows being released on a consistent basis was a wonderful concept. Love what Disney is doing with Star Wars or hate it, we now live in a world where new Star Wars content will be readily available on a continual basis.

1) DEATH OF CARRIE FISHER (December 27, 2016)

The passing of Carrie Fisher was a gut punch to Star Wars community. She was THE princess in the world of pop culture and in many hearts. I knew right off the bat that there was no way I could do justice to the memory of Carrie Fisher for this article. What I could do is share the thoughts that my friend The Reverend composed shortly after her death.  His thoughts about what she meant to him and to the fandom community at large are expressed better than I ever could do and better than most have done.

“Why am I upset by Carrie Fisher’s passing? “She’s just another celebrity gone. She lived a hard life.” True…very true. However, 1.) She championed mental illness. My Princess was as flawed as me. 2.) I loved Princess Leia since I was 5. She was always both my hero and ideal. 3.) Carrie Fisher was smart as f**k. 4.) I almost got a chance to meet her and get a photo op. She pulled out due to illness. I was actually heartbroken… Now I’ll never get that chance. 5.) A large piece of my childhood, which I hold dear, because I find the adult world disgusting, dichotomous and ridiculous in many aspects, died today. And we should all hold on to those things that make us remember the magic of being a kiddo.

I will NEVER grow up. I will ALWAYS love Star Wars…

And Carrie Fisher’s portrayal of Princess Leia will always be My Princess.”

There it is folks! My top 10 Star Wars events of the last 10 years. Let’s do it again in 2029! Hopefully we will be talking about the last 9 seasons of THE MANDALORIAN and a slew of new Star Wars movies. Here’s hoping it is a wild ride! Take care and we will see you in 2020, right here at YODASNEWS.COM!