Travis’ Week In Review

Welcome to the start of November where the days get colder and nights get longer. As long as you make the time for STAR WARS, who cares? Welcome to YODASNEWS.COM and your one stop shop for the Star Wars news of the week. Unfortunately, I have to make this a very abbreviated update due to the fact that I am tearing down the Halloween decorations and starting the laborious process of putting up the Christmas decorations today. Yes, my miniature Christmas village will have an AT-AT marching through the town square, in case any of you were wondering. So, don’t blink or you will miss it…here is your Week In Review.


  • THE MANDALORIAN! The first episode of season 2 dropped this Friday. No spoilers at all, but keep a running checklist of all of the Easter eggs that are scattered throughout it. Wherever Disney had previously dropped the ball with Star Wars, they got it right here. Jon Faverau and crew are doing a stellar job in telling the story of the 2nd most famous Mandalorian in the galaxy – referencing the movies, books, video games and other media to create a truly unique storytelling experience. You have seen parts of this galaxy before and if you pay close enough attention while watching, you will see them again.
  • HASLABs Razor Crest project has over 14,000 backers at the time of this writing. Two new unlocks were announced – 15,000 backers gets us a display stand and 17,000 gets us a carded Jawa elder. Added to the previous unlocks of the escape pod, the carded Child with hover pram and the 5 carbonite blocks containing captured bounties…this deal just keeps getting better all of the time.
  • I found this great bit about an artist who adds his touch to already completed paintings to make them more Lucas-friendly. The link is below. To quote the Joker “I don’t know if it’s art, but I like it”.


            That is it for me this week. Please hit me up with any questions, concerns or just plain Star Wars talk at Take care, mask up and I will see you at the pod races…