How Much Do You Know About George Lucas?

George Lucas is a great inspiration for everyone who is interested in great achievers and in how you can use the maximum of your potential to become great at anything you want to accomplish. Having such an interesting and creative mind, he didn’t live his life like everybody else wanted him to, and decided to give life to his imagination and ultimately became a legend.

There are many people out there who, like us, love Star Wars and are interested in George Lucas and the way he thinks and lives. If you want to make an excellent gift to a Star Wars fan, a Star Wars motorcycle helmet would be a great one, but providing valuable info about Lucas is even better, so here are some things that you probably didn’t know about him.

  1. How did his dog make a difference in his work?

George Lucas was a very creative person and, over time, he lived his life around his passions. While writing his scripts for Indiana Jones and Star Wars he took his inspiration from many places and one of his inspirations was his dog. The dog’s name was Indiana and this is how the name of Indiana Jones was born.

Furthermore, because his dog, an Alaskan Malamute, was very important to him, he created Chewbacca, a character that is one of the most popular Star Wars characters of all time.

  1. His connection to the movie ‘Grease’

The creator of Grease, Randal Kleiser, was George Lucas’ roommate. Well, not a roommate in the context of living in the same room, more like housemates because Lucas and Kleiser had been living on separate floors of the same house. They became great friends and helped each other with their projects.

  1. His passion for flying

Even if George Lucas became one of the most popular creators of the 20th century, his career did not meet his first expectations. Lucas initially wanted to become a pilot and he dreamed of joining the Air Force one day when he was a teenager. Over the years, he also discovered a passion for racing cars and eventually had an accident.

However, the years of racing had an unfortunate impact on his dream of becoming a pilot because the Air Force denied his application due to the fact that he had too many speeding tickets.

  1. His connection to Norman Rockwell

Being as creative as Lucas is, it is no wonder that he has been fond of art all of his life and his favorite painter is Norman Rockwell. He is an illustrator and also a painter and his works reflect the American culture. He is very famous for his illustrations for The Saturday Evening Post.

Lucas was inspired by him and now owns a lot of his sketches and paintings along with the paintings of other creators.

  1. His connection to Vietnam

When people were drafted into the army to go and serve in the Vietnam War, George Lucas was one of the chosen ones. However, because his father’s father died because of diabetes, he was exempted. So he was very close to becoming a veteran and, maybe, Star Wars wouldn’t have existed.

  1. His connection to adoption

Even if we don’t know much about his personal life, an important thing we know is that he has three adopted children which he raised by himself after divorcing his wife, Marcia Lou Griffin. The youngest one was born in 1993 and his name is Jett Lucas. Katie Lucas was born in 1988, and the oldest one was born in 1981 and her name is Amanda Lucas.



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