Entertainment Earth Presents New Toys, Action Figures, and More

Veteran toy expert Adam Pawlus will host the “Entertainment Earth Presents New Toys, Action Figures, and More” panel on October 5, 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm in Room 1C03. He’ll announce a bunch of cool stuff and tell you exactly why it’s cool! You can also CLICK HERE to pre-order the show exclusives right now!


Insight Editions at NYCC – Signings, Early Copies, Events, and more!

Insight Editions will be at booth #1946. Most of the Fall lineup will be available for the first time at NYCC. Please check out the list below!
Star Wars: A Merry Sithmas Pop-Up Book (Retail Release 10/15)
Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – The Official Blackspire Outpost Cookbook (Retail Release 11/05)
Star Wars: Rebel Starfighter Owner’s Workshop Manual (Retail Release 11/12)
Star Wars: Secrets of The Jedi (Retail Release 11/12)
Star Wars: The Ultimate Pop-Up Galaxy (Retail Release 10/22)
Please note: Galaxy’s Edge Cookbook, Secrets of The Jedi, and Ultimate Pop-Up Galaxy will only be available starting Friday, October 4th.  They are bringing out a ton of our Star Wars creators to the show this year for signings and a panel! 

These Are The Book You Are Looking For Panel (Room 1B03)

Friday, October 4th from 12:15PM – 1:15PM
New York Times-bestselling author Matthew Reinhart and his frequent collaborator Kevin M. Wilson are joined by fellow authors Chelsea Monroe-Cassell and Marc Sumerac to discuss the creation of some of the most anticipated Star Wars books of 2019. Hear how Star Wars: The Ultimate Popup Galaxy, Secrets Of The Jedi, and Galaxy’s Edge: The Official Black Spire Cookbook were imagined and created.
Star Wars Team Signing (Insight Editions Booth #1946)
Friday, October 4th from 3:30PM – 5PM
This signing will be the first time attendees can pick up early copies of Star Wars: The Ultimate Pop-Up Galaxy, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Cookbook, and Star Wars: Secrets of The Jedi. 
Guests: Matthew Reinhart (Ultimate Pop-Up Galaxy), Kevin Wilson (Ultimate Pop-Up Galaxy), Chelsea Monroe-Cassel (Galaxy’s Edge Cookbook), and Marc Sumemrak (Galaxy’s Edge Cookbook and Secrets of The Jedi). 
Books of Wonder Event

Friday, October 4th from 6:00PM – 7:30PM

They also have events off-site for people who can’t attend NYCC this year!   They are celebrating the launch of Star Wars: The Ultimate Pop-Up Galaxy at Books of Wonder at 18 West 18th Street! Blast into hyperspace with two amazing creators as they discuss their art, answer questions from the audience, and sign copies of their books.
Guests: Paper Engineer Matthew Reinhart and Illustrator Kevin Wilson. 
Chelsea Monroe-Cassel Signing (Insight Editions Booth #1946)
Sunday, October 6th from 11AM – 12PM
For those who can’t attend the show on Friday, author and chef Chelsea Monroe-Cassel will be back on Sunday to sign any last copies of Galaxy’s Edge Cookbook!


Via Starwars.com:


A lonely scavenger in search of belonging. A vulnerable and vengeful child in a mask.The next wave in Hasbro’s Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures action figure line will introduce the next generation to even more of the saga’s heroes and villains, including Rey and Kylo Ren. Joining the stars of the sequel trilogy will be figures of: Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Jedi Master who trained the future Darth Vader; Darth Maul, the Sith apprentice who murdered Qui-Gon Jinn; General Grievous, the brilliant Separatist cyborg strategist from the time of the Clone Wars; and the fan-favorite bounty hunter Boba Fett.Get your first look at the new wave below ahead of Toy Fair 2019 next week, then watch for them on toy shelves this spring!

Click below to read the full article.

Star Wars Battlefront DLC Includes “New Universes,” Weapons, and More

Via Gamespot.com:

When Electronic Arts announced the $50 Star Wars Battlefront DLC pass last month, the publisher didn’t say much about what it would include. EA is still not ready to divulge all the details, but now we’ve learned some of what will be included. Speaking during a recent earnings presentation, EA COO Peter Moore teased that the four expansion packs will add “new universes” and more to the sci-fi shooter.

“What we’ve announced is four extra packs over the next 12-18 months coming post launch,” he said. “You’ll see new universes, you’re gonna see new player actions, obviously new weaponry as well.”

The Battlefront DLC pass sells for $50. Everyone who buys it gets access to all the new content two weeks before everyone else, as well as an exclusive “Shoot First” emote. Official details regarding the content of the Battlefront DLC pass will be announced in the “coming weeks,” EA said.

Assuming EA and DICE follow the same setup as the recent Battlefield games, the DLC packs are likely to cost $15 each. Moore went on to to say that DLC passes like the one for Battlefront are “integral” to keeping players engaged after a game’s initial release.

Also during the call, Moore revealed that preorder numbers for Battlefront are “excellent,” though he did not share any specifics.

Battlefront launches on November 17 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. That’s about a month before the release of Disney’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the first new Star Wars movie in a decade.