BBTS News: Super Robot Wars, Marvel Legends, MAFEX, Transformers, Leatherface, Evangelion, Godzilla, BTTF, Attack on Titan & More!

The next Marvel Legends wave is all Super Villains with a Xenmu Build-A-Figure! Inspired by the character’s appearance in the Beast Wars animated series comes this special edition Transmutate figure! Billy Butcher from the hit series The Boys, is now a MAFEX figure! Batman: The Dark Knight Returns – The Game is a solo board game experience in which a player dons the cowl and journeys through Frank Miller’s iconic Batman adventure. Levi from the anime and manga series Attack on Titan is brought to us as a 1/8 scale statue! Kotobukyia presents the Leatherface statue, expertly replicating his appearance in the 1974 film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, as part of the ArtFX line! From the second season of the anime series One-Punch Man comes the 1/6th scale articulated figure of the villain, the “Hero Hunter” Garou! Megatron’s most loyal and reliable of Deceptions, Soundwave (and his devotee spy-trooper Ravage) are back from threezero!

Great Scott! Doctor Emmett Brown, the genius behind the first time machine and one of the greatest movie characters of all time, is joining NECA’s Ultimate line. This colossal 2-foot scale Titan Class WFC-S29 Omega Supreme figure features a G1-inspired design and converts to Autobot Command Center mode, made up of a tank, rocket, control tower, and defense perimeter. A whole bunch of Chronicle Collectibles replicas and statues are here with savings of 24-50%! Warner Bros brings some tunes from our past with this vinyl record featuring songs from Batman (1989)! MP-51 Arcee thoroughly brings out the styling of Arcee that appeared in “Transformers: Animated”. In robot mode, the backpack is made as compact as possible to reproduce the attractive styling of Arcee in the animation. Arcee in vehicle mode shows off a futuristic car type vehicle with a beautiful curved line.The exclusive Kid Goku features an all new color variant and comes with several interchangeable accessories includes face plates and hands. The exclusive Kid Goku S.H.Figuarts figure features an all new color variant and comes with several interchangeable accessories includes face plates and hands.

BBTS News: Black Friday, G.I. Joe, Star Wars, DC Multiverse, Ghost Rider, Demon Slayer, MAFEX, Mortal Kombat, DBZ & More!


Two new G.I. Joes have joined the Classified Series with Flint and Lady Jaye! Mezco continues the One:12 Collective with Ghost Rider and the Hell Cycle. The Child and Greef Karga have been revealed for Star Wars: The Vintage Collection. The Batcycle from Dark Nights: Death Metal is coming from McFarlane. The fourth figure from Demon Slayer in the Buzzmod. series is Rengoku! Medicom has two new MAFEX figures with the Armored Batman from The Dark Knight Returns and also Astro Boy! Diamond Select has a bunch of new figures to choose out of Marvel, Star Wars, Tron, Avatar and more. Damtoys is excited to bring you a 1/6 scale figure of Vito Corleone from the iconic 1972 film, The Godfather. Hot Toys has the next figure from The Mandalorian with a Tusken Raider.


Star Wars: The Black Series fans can now grab Boba Fett, Kit Fisto, Stormtroopers, Boba Fett, Commander Bly, Admiral Ackbar and more! Carnage, Mile Morales, Phage, Morbius and Venom are in for Venom Marvel Legends wave 2. McFarlane’s Mortal Kombat figures are in with Sub-Zero, Raiden, Scorpion, Baraka and Spawn! Third party figure fans, be sure to check out the FansProject and MakeToys sale going on right now. More of the Lightning Collection is here with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Yellow Ranger. Along with the new pre-orders, DC Multiverse figures are also in stock with Cyborg, The Flash, Azrael Batman, The Joker and more!

BBTS News: DC Multiverse, One:12 Wonder Woman, Marvel Legends, MAFEX, WoW, Transformers, Street Fighter & More!


McFarlane has opened preorders for their Batman: White Knight DC Multiverse figures this week alongside Mezco’s One:12 Collective Wonder Woman figure in gorgeous battle armor. Finally, pick up Marvel figures as part of Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Retro Collection, MAFEX Captain America from Endgame, and the mutant X-Man Gambit. Diamond Select brings fans more DC, Clone Wars, and Marvel collectibles as busts, figures, and statues. Now, grab yourself some of Innex’s pixel frames to design your home and office spaces with nostalgic scenes from classic video games. These items and more Funko Pop!, 1/12 scale video game characters, model kits—even micro action figures—are available to grab for your collections!


Black Widow Marvel Legends, Avengers Marvel Legends, and X-Men Marvel Legends Retro Collection have arrived for Marvel fans! In addition, play a game with friends using these Sailor Moon-themed playing cards, grab and pose Transformers Studios Series figures, wear the 1/1 scale Black Series Boba Fett helmet, and admire the style of Mini Co. with their ThunderCats figures.