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1st Giveaway – Kotobukiya Boba Fett ArtFx – Jesse P (SHIPPED)

  • 2nd Giveaway – BBTS ($25 gift card)
    • Jason V and
    • DJ215
  • 3rd Giveaway- Joe Coroney Print-   Michael H.
  • 4th Giveaway – BBTS GIFTCARD – @Fredfredsonnyc
  • 5th Giveaway  Cufflinks.com Gift – silk tie and socks (1) – @wes182 – (SHIPPED)
  • 6th Giveaway Cufflinks.com silk tie and socks – @donna_ 44 (SHIPPED)
  • 7th Giveaway -The Phantom Menace Darth Maul Jumbo Figure-  Lance D, DE (SHIPPED)
  • 8th Giveaway – Bbts gift card  Campbell E. FL
  • 9th Giveaway- 5th Giveaway  cufflinks.com – silk tie and socks – @wes182 –(SHIPPED)
  • giveaway 10 – Endor Geeki tiki –  no winner announced
  • Giveaway 11 and 12 –  4 patches –  (SHIPPED)
  • Giveaway 14 – 2 $25 bbts gc – no winner announced
  • Giveaway 15 – joe C Punch It Art Print annonced – Callista Andea – Frement NJ
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YN 14 YEAR Giveaway : The First 14 Winners!

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Facebook Giveaway #1 (Acme Character Key) – Peter B from PA

Facebook Giveaway #2 ($40 Gift Card to BBTS) – Alex J from CA

Carrie Fisher Tribute Print by Joe Corroney #1 – Danny T from PA

Carrie Fisher Tribute Print by Joe Corroney #2 – Brad A from KY

Kotobukiya Rey and Finn – Jon E from NC

Kotobukiya Emperor Palpatine – Samantha T from CA

2018 Membership to Rancho Obi Wan – Wes F from UT

EE Exclusive Droids Set – Steven C from AZ

Gentle Giant Bib Fortuna – Rand B from Argentina

14 Year Prize Pack – Hunt (Multiple Items) – Mark M from NV

14 Year Early Bird – Hunt  ($40 Gift Card to BBTS)  – Mark M from NV

Sideshow Han Solo in Carbonite – Dale A from IN

14 Year Prize Pack (Multiple Items) – Michael S from PA

14 Year Prize Pack (Multiple Items) – Haley H from WA


Stunning In Memoriam Artwork of Carrie Fisher by Joe Corroney

Longtime friend of the site, Joe Corroney, has created a beautiful masterpiece in honor of the late Carrie Fisher.  Please see all the detail about the piece below, we don’t yet know if these will come up for sale to the public, but I sure hope so! 

“To me, she is royalty.” – Lor San Tekka (The Force Awakens)

Here’s a first look at my in memoriam artwork of Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia that I created for Denver Comic Con this June 30th – July 2nd.

Carrie was originally scheduled to be a celebrity guest for the event before she passed last December. The promoters commissioned me to create this very special artwork in her honor for their hardworking and necessary volunteers and staff.  Proceeds for Denver Comic Comic Con benefit “Pop Culture in the Classroom”, a Colorado-based nonprofit organization that provides free comic book based curriculum for children in grades 5-8.

For more information about Denver Comic Con, visit their website at: http://popcultureclassroom.org/denvercomiccon

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at the event next week in Denver. Feel free to stop by my booth in Artist Alley and say hi if you’re planning on attending.  I hope everyone enjoys the new artwork. I miss you, Carrie <3


Billie Lourd Releases Statement On Carrie Fisher’s Toxicology Report

Via People.com:

Carrie Fisher had heroin and cocaine in her system at the time of her death, according to her toxicology report.

PEOPLE obtained official documents from the Los Angeles County coroner’s office on Monday that reveal the late actress had cocaine, methadone, ethanol and opiates in her system when she passed away at the age of 60 in December.

“The exposure to cocaine took place sometime approximately in the last 72 hours of the sample that was obtained,” stated the report.

The report also stated that Fisher had a “remote exposure to MDMA,” which is a commonly known as ecstasy.

The toxicology report also found traces of an anti-depressant and antihistamine in her system.

Though Fisher had multiple substances in her system, it is unclear if drug use ultimately contributed to her death.

“Based on the available toxicological information, we cannot establish the significance of the multiple substances that were detected in Ms. Fisher’s blood and tissue, with regard to the cause of death,” stated the report.

An external examination was conducted on Fisher’s body as her family objected to an autopsy.

On Friday, the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office revealed Fisher’s death was caused by sleep apnea and other undetermined factors.

The coroner also said Fisher suffered from atherosclerotic heart disease and “drug use,” but no specifics were given at the time.

“The manner of death has been ruled undetermined,” the report concluded.

In an exclusive statement to PEOPLE, Fisher’s only child, Billie Lourd, addressed the report.

“My mom battled drug addiction and mental illness her entire life. She ultimately died of it. She was purposefully open in all of her work about the social stigmas surrounding these diseases.

“She talked about the shame that torments people and their families confronted by these diseases. I know my Mom, she’d want her death to encourage people to be open about their struggles. Seek help, fight for government funding for mental health programs. Shame and those social stigmas are the enemies of progress to solutions and ultimately a cure. Love you Momby.”

Click below to read the full article.

Carrie Fisher Died From Sleep Apnea And Other Factors

Via USAtoday.com:

LOS ANGELES — Carrie Fisher died from sleep apnea and a combination of other factors, but investigators haven’t been able to pinpoint an exact cause, coroner’s officials said Friday.

Among the factors that contributed to Fisher’s death was buildup of fatty tissue in the walls of her arteries, the Los Angeles County coroner’s office said in a news release late Friday. The release states that the Star Wars actress showed signs of having taken multiple drugs, but investigators could not determine whether they contributed to her death in December.

The agency did not immediately respond to a request for additional details about whether a full autopsy report and toxicology results were available.

Fisher, 60, suffered a medical emergency on an international flight on Dec. 23. Her mother, longtime movie star Debbie Reynolds, died the following day.

Fisher’s brother, Todd Fisher, said he was not surprised by the results. He added that his family did not want a coroner’s investigation of his sister’s death. “We’re not enlightened. There’s nothing about this that is enlightening,” he said.

“I would tell you, from my perspective that there’s certainly no news that Carrie did drugs,” Todd Fisher said. He noted that his sister wrote about her drug use frequently, and that many of the drugs she took were prescribed by doctors to try to treat her mental health conditions.

Fisher long battled drug addiction and mental illness. She said she smoked pot at 13, used LSD by 21 and was diagnosed as bipolar at 24. She was treated with electroshock therapy and medication.

“I am not shocked that part of her health was affected by drugs,” Todd Fisher said.

He said his sister’s heart condition was probably worsened by her smoking habit, as well as the medications she took. “If you want to know what killed her, it’s all of it,” he said.

Todd Fisher said it was difficult to blame doctors who treated his sister because they were trying to help her.

“They were doing their best to cure a mental disorder. Can you really blame them?” Todd Fisher said. “Without her drugs, maybe she would have left long ago.”

Click below to see the full article.

Carrie Fisher Collectibles Up For Auction

Via USAtoday.com:

The hillside estate where Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds lived is being sold, and numerous personal items and movie memorabilia they own are hitting the auction block.

The Profiles in History auction house announced Thursday that it will sell more than 1,500 items that belonged to the two actresses, who died a day apart in December and were buried together in January. The real estate firm Williams & Williams Estates is handling the property sale.

The Fisher-Reynolds estate sits on 3½ acres in Beverly Hills, California, and includes a swimming pool, tennis court and guesthouse. The 1928 hacienda-style home was previously owned by actress Bette Davis and Hollywood costume designer Edith Head. Reynolds and Fisher lived in separate houses on the property, which is listed for $18 million.

Click below to read the full article.

Carrie Fisher And Debbie Reynolds Celebrated At Memorial

Via Hollywoodreporter.com:

The public event at Forest Lawn cemetery featured music by ‘Star Wars’ composer John Williams and a new song by family friend James Blunt.

Dancers, Dan Aykroyd and Star Wars’ R2-D2 were among those who took the stage at Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher’s public memorial service, held Saturday afternoon at Los Angeles’ Forest Lawn — Hollywood Hills.

“Better late than never, as they say,” said Todd Fisher, Reynolds’ son and Carrie Fisher’s brother, of the service for the women who passed in December. Equipped with smiles and punchlines, he explained to attendees that the public event “is a show and not a memorial because my mother didn’t like memorials and funerals.”

Even more so, the service was meant to be a celebration of the women’s legacies both on and off the screen. “You are all her people — not just her extended family, but her close friends and fans,” Todd Fisher said of the “living room” experience. “We would be sharing these same kinds of films and photographs, telling the same stories. … You’re gonna see a lot of things you’ve never, ever seen before.”

The celebration included montages — set to music by Star Wars composer John Williams — that highlighted each woman’s storied film career, as well as intimate family photos, interview footage and their humanitarian work.

Fisher’s former beau Dan Aykroyd took the podium to recall their friendship. “I once saved her life, applying the Heimlich maneuver to dislodge a Brussel sprout, and if I had been with our beloved showboat, I might have been able to save her again,” he said. “I know these women will have a song for us when we arrive at the crossing. After all, we’re only seconds behind.”

Reynolds’ longtime pal Ruta Lee also expanded on Reynolds’ humanitarian efforts toward helping veterans and those with mental-health issues, especially her work in establishing The Thalians. “She was, without a doubt, the most generous human being,” said Lee. “She gave her heart to everything.” Lee then sang the standards “I’m Glad There Is You (In This World of Ordinary People),” “I’ll Be Seeing You” and “You’ll Never Know” and led attendees in a standing ovation for Reynolds and Fisher “for a life well lived, a job well done.”

Though tearful at times, the tone of the 90-minute ceremony was that of a joyful celebration. Star Wars’ R2-D2 even came onstage for a few beeps.

Click below to read the full article.


13 YEAR Giveaway #10 – Kenner Style Jumbo Leia (Hoth Outfit) from ESB!

Kicking off another 13 Year Giveaway! This one is from our friends at Gentle Giant, Ltd. – This is open only to our Facebook Followers of our fan page (www.facebook.com/YodasnewsPage) which has just passed 113,500 organic likes (Wow, Thank you) – This one is BIG so it’s only open to fans in the USA.

Like, Share or Comment on the picture on Facebook between 3/7/2017 and 3/9/2017 at 10pm EST and we will pick one person at random to take home the Kenner Style Jumbo Leia (Hoth Outfit) from Empire! *Please note we can only see public shares, if it’s a private share and we can’t see it and won’t be counted.*

Believe It or Not! Ripley’s Supports Carrie Fisher’s Oscar Wish

Via rebelforceradio.com:

Every year at Oscar time, the resident roof-dwelling dragon at Ripley’s Believe or Not! Odditorium in Hollywood holds a sign to send a message to all of the showbiz royalty attending The Academy Awards at neighboring Dolby Theater. Usually the sign reads “Show Us What You’re Wearing”, or something like that for the elite gathered on the red carpet. This year, however, features a twist. 

Ripley’s Hollywood manager Cory Dacy is a huge STAR WARS fan and loyal RFR listener. He heard Carrie Fisher’s Oscar tribute wish here on RFR and decided to send a message to The Academy, and even Harrison Ford himself. The sign reads “SING FOR HER, HARRISON” and it refers to Carrie’s request for a musical number from Mr. Ford at her Oscar tribute. 

Look for the Ripley’s Hollywood rooftop dragon during E! Entertainment News coverage of the Oscars and keep your fingers crossed for a tribute to our fallen princess. Don’t miss the 89th Academy Awards this Sunday on ABC. 

Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds Public Memorial Announced

Via Rollingstone.com:

“We will be celebrating their lives with friends, family members, and the people who loved them, you,” Todd Fisher writes of March memorial.

The family of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds has announced plans for a public memorial to honor the two actresses. “We will be celebrating their lives with friends, family members, and the people who loved them, you,” Fisher’s brother and Reynolds’ son Todd Fisher wrote on his HPME site Friday.

The public memorial will take place March 25th at the Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills’ Freedom Theater. Both actresses were laid to rest January 6th at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park, with Fisher’s ashes placed inside a large Prozac pill-shaped urn alongside her mother.

“The service will begin at 1:00 PM and immediately afterwards, those who want to walk to their final resting place are welcome to do so,” Todd Fisher continued. “There are a limited number of seats available, and it will be on a first come first come, first seated basis, There are no tickets, it is first come, first seated. There will be room for overflow in the huge lobby as well as the outside with screens to watch and hear the service.”

Todd Fisher’s announcement of a public memorial comes one month after the Princess Leia portrayer died December 27th, days after suffering a major cardiac episode aboard a Los Angeles-bound flight. Reynolds died of a stroke the following day on December 28th.

Like at the Golden Globes, both actresses will no doubt be remembered during the Academy Awards’ In Memoriam segment, and as Carrie Fisher said in April 2010 radio interview that was recently unearthed, the actress hoped that her Star Wars co-star Harrison Ford would sing onstage during her appearance on the “death reel.”

“I asked him [at a party] if he would be in my death reel, and if he would sing,” Fisher told Rebel Force Radio (via People). “It’s just something I want.” She added, jokingly, that Ford would sing “Melancholy Wookiee.”

Since the Fisher interview resurfaced, Rebel Force Radio host Jimmy McInerney has petitioned Oscar producers to fulfill Fisher’s unusual request.

“That’s what she’s asking for. You can say she’s being flippant and silly, but that’s what she said she wants,” McInerney told ABC News. “We’re looking to create a movement here.”