Blockbuster – Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, John Williams

A six-part original biopic series about the 1970s friendship, and rivalry, between Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, and their composer John Williams, which led to a revolution in the way we experience the movies.

Lucas Museum Bogged Down In Negotiations

The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art has had a somewhat troubled history and constant hurdles have put the project behind; much like the construction of the second Death Star. The Lucas Museum is a dream from the inspiring creator of the Star Wars franchise, George Lucas, who aims to focus on narrative art to engage the public in his new venture. As a veteran storyteller, narrative art is something that Lucas is quite intimate with. Narrative art is the idea of using art to tell a story, either as a singular moment of an event, or a sequence that shows an ongoing story. Lucas has always had a passion for narrative art, and the Lucas Museum is the perfect outlet for him to share his passion with the world.

Unfortunately, the project has been met with many roadblocks (or blockades perhaps?) over the past year. Last summer, the city of Chicago won the bid to have the $300-million museum placed in it’s city, after Lucas was unable to obtain his desired city: San Francisco.  Lucas acquired 17-acres of property on Lake Michigan, a location currently occupied by two parking lots. The image below shows the planned museum location, which is projected to be opened in 2018.

Map of planned Lucas Museum in Chicago, IL, via

Map of planned Lucas Museum in Chicago, IL, via

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Chicago to get filmmaker George Lucas’ museum: mayor’s office

Via Reuters:
Chicago has won the right to host filmmaker George Lucas’ museum, a spokeswoman for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said on Tuesday in an email.

Emanuel in April had named members of a task force to study potential locations for the museum. Lucas’ wife, Mellody Hobson, is from Chicago and the couple live in the city part-time, according to local media. No other details were immediately available.


George Lucas reveals that Harrison Ford wanted Han Solo to die


George Lucas has dropped a bombshell on Star Wars fans by revealing that Harrison Ford wanted his character, Han Solo, to be killed off during The Empire Strikes Back.

The 70-year-old – who created the Star Wars franchise – admitted the actor kept asking for his character to die during the fifth instalment after he was frozen and sealed in carbonite and delivered to Jabba the Hutt.

‘Harrison kept yelling through the whole thing, “Kill me! Kill me! Kill me!”, Lucas recalled.

‘I said, “Harrison, I can’t kill you. I need you at the end of the next movie. There’s this love thing going on. But I’ll do the next best thing. I’ll put you in a slab of concrete and ship you off to Mars”, he told Empire.

We bet he’s glad that he wasn’t now, as although Lucas has since sold the franchise to Disney, Ford, along with other members of the original Star Wars cast such as Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill, are due to appear in the upcoming Star Wars Episode 7.