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Hello, what have we here?

StarWars.com is thrilled to reveal runDisney’s upcoming Star Wars Rival Run Weekend medals, all featuring beautiful character art, clever design, and a few surprises. Thanks to the “rival” themes of the races, each medal actually includes two characters or vehicles: the 5K medal features Ahsoka Tano on one side and Darth Maul on the other; Princess Leia and a stormtrooper adorn the 10K medal; Darth Vader dominates one side of the half marathon medal, while Yoda brings light with a flip of the image; the Rival Run Challenge medal features a Resistance X-wing, which can spin to instead highlight a First Order TIE fighter. So whether you’re more Jedi or Sith, Rebellion or Empire, or Resistance or First Order, your medal can show your true allegiance.

Check them all out below, including new, gorgeous medals for the Kessel Run Challenge, Virtual Half Marathon, and kids races.

 runDisney Star Wars Rival Run Weekend - Ahsoka Tano 5K medal

Yo, Yoda!

Via Humortimes.com:

Yoda is shrouded in mystery, but we’ve got him pegged.

There are many species in the Star Wars universe — Humans, Hutts, Wookiees, Jawas, Rancors, and the Tusken (soon to be Las Vegas) Raider, to name a few. Yoda, though, nobody knows about.

YodaThe austere website Wookieepedia states that Yoda belongs to “Yoda’s species,” one that is “shrouded in mystery.” While such an enigmatic backstory only helps to grow one’s legend as an impossibly wise mystic, I think it’s pretty clear that Yoda is an Italian-American.

For starters, Yoda looks the part. He’s short. Even the Ewoks, the Irish of the Star Wars’ universe, are significantly taller. It’s rumored that he became such a master of the force after tiring of not being able to reach anything on a shelf. And you have the big ears, in which reside tufts of unruly white hair. Images of beloved Italian-Americans, like Danny DeVito, are reflected in Yoda.

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Diamond Select SDCC Exclusive Spirit Yoda

Via our friends at YakFace.com:

Revealed in the latest Star Wars Insider is Diamond Select’s SDCC Exclusive Spirit Yoda Vinyl Bust Bank. Price and addition size are yet to be determined but using previous convention exclusives as a reference, this should be around $30 and be limited to 1500 pieces.

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