From $3.99 to $99.99 – Hot Topic Marvel Star Wars #1 Variant is RED HOT!

After the news came out this morning via that the much rumored delay, pullback, and eventual destruction of the Hot Topic Star Wars #1 Variant cover was confirmed, the book that started with a cover price of $3.99, and was selling for between $25-$45 last night has jumped to a staggering $99.99 (the last 4 sold as of this posting went for that) and now some Buy it Now prices are asking $199.99!!!  Could this become the rarest variant of Marvel Star Wars #1 yet? Only time will tell.  Click here or below to see all the craziness on ebay!




Marvel’s Star Wars #1 arrived last week, officially ushering in a new age of Star Wars comics. Set right after the events of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, the issue features Han and Leia at their flirting-meets-bickering and Imperial-blasting best, Chewbacca as a sniper (!), and a thrilling cliffhanger ending. In short, it’s Star Wars to the core, it feels like a fresh start, and it’s fantastic.

In celebration of Star Wars #1’s release, spoke with the landmark comic’s creators, writer Jason Aaron and artist John Cassaday, for some Bothan-spy-worthy behind-the-scenes secrets

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Star Wars: Darth Vader #1 Tops 300k Preorders, New Covers Revealed


Marvel Comics has confirmed exclusively with that Darth Vader #1 has received over 300k pre-orders, making it another strong start from Marvel’s recently launched Star Wars comic book line.

Darth Vader #1 is written by Kieron Gillen and drawn by Salvador Larroca, and is the first issue of Darth Vader’s first ever ongoing comic book solo series. Taking place after the events of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, the series will tell Vader’s story following the Battle of Yavin.

Marvel has also provided with an exclusive first look a several variant covers for the issue, including several retailer exclusives.

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Artist John Cassaday’s expert handling of such Marvel comics teams like the X-Men and the Avengers makes him the perfect creator to tackle the rich relationships and character interaction required in the new, ongoing Star Wars series, which debuts today. In the first part of this exclusive interview with the artist, found on, he outlined his approach to the saga; in this second part, he pinpoints his outlook on specific components of the property, as well as working with the series’ other creators. Do you ever ask for specific elements from your writer? Like the AT-AT in Star Wars #1 — was that in the script originally, or do you have some pull in drawing the coolest things from the films?

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Why Marvel’s New Star Wars Comic Book Series Matters


Star Wars #1 might be one of the most anticipated comic book issues in years, as it should be. The series is important for a lot of obvious reasons, as Marvel takes back the publishing rights to the series that Dark Horse has had for many years. But will fans enjoy the first 48 pages of this new Star Wars adventure? Marvel sent me an early digital copy of their upcoming Star Wars comic book series. Read my review of the Star Wars 1 comic after the jump.

Here is why the new Star Wars comic book series matters.

This Is What Happens Between A New Hope And Empire Strikes Back

The storyline is set between Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope and Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back. This is a three-year time period (in story continuity) that is rife for exploration.

Remember, Empire opens telling us “it is a dark time for the Rebellion” and that even though the rebels destroyed the Death Star, “Imperial troops have driven the Rebel forces from their hidden base and pursued them across the galaxy.” We know that Luke Skywalker eventually leads the freedom fighters to a new secret base on the remote ice world of Hoth and that Darth Vader dispatched thousands of remote probes into the far reaches of space.

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The Greatest Dark Horse Star Wars Comics To Buy Before They’re Gone


Marvel’s Star Wars comic is starting next month, so with a heavy heart we say goodbye to Dark Horse’s comics. It’s a real goodbye too: a few will get republished, but after December 31st you’ll no longer be able to buy Dark Horse’s Star Wars line. Here’s the must-read stories to grab before they’re gone forever.

It came as almost a surprise to us when we learned that Dark Horse would stop selling their old Star Wars comics, but alas, after contacting Aub Driver of Dark Horse, we got confirmation that, although fans will be able to keep their digital purchases, after December 31st, they’ll pull all of their Star Wars digital titles for sale:

After the 31st — All SW titles will be pulled. Anyone who has purchased digital copies will still be allowed to access them in their cloud.

Our last print book came out November 5th: Star Wars: Dark Times Gallery Edition HC.

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Star Wars #1, arriving January 14, 2015, will kick off a new era of Star Wars comics — and has your first look!

Set directly after the events of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, the series (helmed by the all-star creative of team of writer Jason Aaron and artist John Cassaday) will be the flagship of Marvel’s new canonical line of comics. What actually happened following the destruction of Death Star? Soon, you’ll find out.

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Star Wars in the UK – Star Wars Monthly


Being a Star Wars fan growing up in the UK during the ’80s was a unique experience. Sure, like our fellow fans across the globe we had the films, the action figures, the books, and the food promotions, but we also had access to a number of things that fans around the world didn’t. We got the chance to watch Admiral Ozzel wear a wonky wig on BBC kids show Grange Hill. We saw Gold 2 play a role in popular early evening soap Crossroads. We even saw Darth Vader showing kids how to cross the road safely dressed in tight green spandex. But the one thing that really set us apart from our American cousins were Marvel’sStar Wars UK titles.

Starting on February 8, 1978, Star Wars Weekly ran for 117 issues and broke down, into weekly installments, the original adaptation of Star Wars by Roy Thomas and Howard Chaykin. It then on to the further adventures of our heroes as what was the 7th issue of the American title hit the UK reprints and gave British kids a glimpse into the exciting future of Star Wars, in what were essentially the first Expanded Universe stories (and later, Legends).

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