As many ‘Star Wars’ fans know, there have been many changes to the franchise since Disney bought it back in 2012. One of those changes was the announcement earlier this year that Marvel would take over the licensing for ‘Star Wars’ comics. Dark Horse Comics has had the license and has published superb content since 1991. Older fans will remember that Marvel actually held the initial license for the comics from 1977 to 1986. Many fans view this as ‘Star Wars’ returning to its original owner, at least as far as comics are concerned.

Today, Marvel announced their very first project in their return to ‘Star Wars’ with an announcement on the official ‘Star Wars’ website, titled ‘Star Wars: The Original Marvel Years.’ Perhaps jumping on the success of the Dark Horse Comics ‘omnibus’ series, Marvel flaunts the release of their own oversized collection. They will be “re-presenting those original adventures in its over-sized Omnibus format.” The book will contain issues #1-44, plus Annual #1, of the original ‘Star Wars’ run with Marvel. Axel Alonso, Marvel editor in chief, said the following: “I am extremely proud to present these original Star Wars stories, told as only Marvel can, in the first in a massive and glorious Omnibus series.”



‘Star Wars: The Original Marvel Years’ via

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